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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, December 30, 2012

TO BE EXPECTED! After hair salons, MCA now 'STEAMED UP' over scantily-clad girls

TO BE EXPECTED! After hair salons, MCA now 'STEAMED UP' over scantily-clad girls
For saying that its events stick to the issues facing the nation unlike MCA-organised event which feature scantily dressed female dancers to boost attendance, DAP's Anthony Loke was slammed as a "PAS apologist".
MCA's The Star today quoted the party's central committee member Ti Lian Ker as saying Loke's 'proposal' amounted to the DAP endorsing the policies of PAS.
He even invoked the phrase "moral policemen", saying that was the role DAP was now playing.
MCA, the Chinese-only BN component party whose current president Dr Chua Soi Lek was once caught in an explicit video with a prostitute, has been stepping up its attacks on DAP and PAS in a bid to woo back lost support among non-Muslims particularly the Chinese community.
Through its mouthpiece The Star, the party has been opposing a municipal law setting several conditions on unisex salons in Kota Bharu, which were aimed at curbing vice activities in such places. MCA had also attempted to take the PAS-led Kelantan state government to court over its curbs on gambling, among other vices.
Last night Loke, the Rasah member of parliament, addressed a capacity crowd at a DAP dinner event in Bukit Gambir, Muar.
He later compared the event to the series of 'mega-dinners' organised by MCA recently, most of which featured rowdy performers not suitable as family entertainment.
"No skimpy-dressed singer, no sexy dance, no lucky draws but DAP dinners in Johor have been well attended especially since 2008.
"People attend DAP functions not for entertainment but to support our cause and agenda for change. Those outdated politicians in MCA will never understand this!" Loke wrote on his Facebook.

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