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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kajang famous for satay but is not a satay town of SATAY PEOPLE, Zuraida slams Wee's narrow-minded racism

Kajang famous for satay but is not a satay town of SATAY PEOPLE, Zuraida slams Wee's narrow-minded racism
I refer to the Malaysiakini report dated 29 Jan 2014 entitled ‘Why is a great leader standing in satay town?’
Firstly, Wanita Keadilan would like to assure Malaysians that Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim will explain all of it during the Kajang by-election. The decision to contest in Kajang was not an easy one, but one that was made with the people’s interest at heart.
This tactical design dubbed the ‘Kajang Move’ is to fend off UMNO’s advancing attacks on the Selangor state government.
If Dato’ Seri Anwar had wanted to be an MB, he would have done so long ago. Contesting for the state seat in Kajang may or may not lead to the MB post depending on the events that unfold thereafter.
Don't demean Kajang folk
As a national leader, Wee Ka Siong should realise that calling Kajang a ‘satay town’ is downright insulting and demeaning to the residents of Kajang. Kajang may be famous for its Satay, but it is definitely not a ‘satay town’, nor its residents ‘satay people’.
Kajang residents had already rejected BN and MCA in the last election, and there is no need for MCA to further insult the people of Kajang in that manner.
As Keadilan is a multi-racial party, there is no question over the ethnicity of the candidate. Such narrow-minded view of whether a Chinese or Malay should represent the constituents is outdated. If Malaysia was to progress towards an inclusive multi-racial country, the first step is to outgrow the racial stereotype mindset.
Kajang has a racial composition of 48.89 per cent of Malays, 40.8 per cent of Chinese and 10 per cent of Indians. With a Malay majority, this is contrary to MCA’s claim that Dato’ Seri Anwar is contesting in a non-Malay seat.
Pakatan Rakyat supporters will not mind having Keadilan and Pakatan Rakyat’s top man as the candidate. If anything, a heavyweight like Dato’ Seri Anwar would prove that MCA might have to give way to UMNO once again to field a worthy opponent.
Wanita Keadilan believes that Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and MCA are no longer relevant to speak for the Chinese community.
YB Zuraida Kamaruddin
Ahli Parlimen Ampang, Ketua Wanita Keadilan

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