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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Political WAR GAMES move into full steam in Malaysia

Political WAR GAMES move into full steam in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR - It is no hidden mystery that UMNO is on a full throttle push-and-pull strategy to trench-in its control stakes. UMNO Baru has always been jostling left to right and right to left to continue its legacy-grip on power and harness the spin-offs of absolute control.
But with the opposition gaining more acceptance in the eyes of citizens and the recent 52 % vote swing in their favor, UMNO was force-driven into the war-room to re-hatch a do-or-die strategy.
Today, since the last General Elections we are already witnessing the roll-out of all kinds of diabolical politics to save UMNO from further weakening. What is most obvious even to the politically uninitiated is the rebirth of the Mahatiristic political mantra of any means will justify the end.
Race and religion the very pawns that gave UMNO decade after decade of supremacy is now getting a booster peddle. To add ammunition, the third ‘R’, i.e. Rulers, is also being exploited to the hilt.
Penang, Selangor the battle grounds
The battle ground of course is opposition held compounds. So is it any surprise why the three ‘R’s – race, religion and rulers is top news – almost on a daily diet, in Penang and Selangor?
Will the right-thinking rakyat buckle under the intensity of this UMNO war game? Or will UMNO become the wounded dog?
Either way, looking at the ferocity of the peddling in the cities, towns and now rural interiors by UMNO, it appears set that Malaysians need to brace for worse times then ever imagined before.
But of course, if hope must prevail when all things look so hopeless, principle-centered leaders from within political circles, NGOs, Human Rights representatives, professional groups and religious heads will have to converge to put nation first above personal pursuits for power, glory and control. There is no room for abstinence; no space for a wait and see disposition; or worse, to stake that 'politics is none of our business'.
Unprecedented challenges
The panacea is to consolidate in the face of an ugly enemy. Failing to consolidate and collaborate above party-lines and philosophies is akin to being no different from your enemy. And if that be the case, then Malaysians must brace themselves for greater trials and tribulations.
Indeed, the country is facing unprecedented challenges – all of which were not created by God through nature but certainly made by politically wired minds and coiled hearts.
God save this nation from sinking as in the likes of Philippines, Myanmar and most recently Thailand. Or worse, we do not want to be caught in the pangs as in the likes of some far away nation. And as God too will help those who help themselves, all Malaysians need to join hands, hearts and minds to stop greedy, desperate politicians from clamori ng for power and control by any means.
Can we then rise to the occasion as the situation warrants? Or shall we let ourselves be manipulated and sunk and moored in the process? Or shall we be the proverbial ostrich and dig our heads into the sand? - MAILBAG

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