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Thursday, January 30, 2014

PAS files reports on revived anti-Christian page

As religious tensions rise in the country, Sabah PAS today lodged complaints with the authorities against a Facebook page ridiculing the Christian religion and the people of Sabah and Sarawak.

The reports lodged against 'Semenanjung Malaysia Anti Sabah and Sarawak' were made at the Karamunsing police headquarters and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission by Sabah PAS deputy commissioner III Hamid Ismail (left).

“I condemn any act of degrading anybody's religion, race or state. The owner of the particular Facebook page is clearly attempting to disturb and destroy the harmony and unity long shared by the Sabahans.

“Such irresponsible action should not go unnoticed and unpunished by the government of Sabah and Malaysia,” Hamid said.

Hamid's report will not be the first complaint made against the Facebook page, which among others mocks Christians through pictures, including a frog nailed to a crucifix.

Last August Sabah BN component party Upko and and Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Ewon Ebin lodged police reports to urge action against the creators of the page, which was set up on Aug 7, 2013.

Interestingly, Ewon, who is also Ranau MP, later said that Cyber Security Malaysia, a specialist agency under his ministry, hadidentified the page owner. The page then became inaccessible.

However, checks today showed that the page had been re-established in December 2013.

As at 4pm today, the page had 1,380 'likes' and lists six administrators, whose personal Facebook pages are linked to the page.

'Sabah and Sarawak be damned'

“Peninsular Malaysia does not need Sabah and Sarawak for 1Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak have no use as their people have no brains, are stupid and like to take over other people's territories.

“They are an embarrassment to Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak be damned,” the 'Semenanjung Malaysia Anti Sabah and Sarawak' Facebook page states.

In the latest entry posted about 2pm, one administrator wrote: “Just beat up these Sabah and Sarawak kids to death, they don't know their place and deserve to be insulted.

“There is no point being nice to Sabah and Sarawak. They won't thank you if you are,” he wrote in colloquial Bahasa Malaysia.

“K***k betol bah negeri SS nie (Screw Sabah and Sarawak).”

On a Jan 14 post, a picture of a topless man is posted with a caption “challenging” Sabah and Sarawak Christians to a fist fight in Johor Baru.

“You bring your damned police and that Ranau MP. I'll kill them in JB. If you don't show up, you deserve to be chopped up and fed to pigs,” reads the post, which is signed off as 'KL Gengster'.

This same entry was also posted on the page investigated by Cyber Security.

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