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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Parang-wielding men attack Tamil daily's office

Three parang-wielding men stormed the office of a Tamil daily in Kuala Lumpur this morning.
Tamil Malar managing director SM Periasamy told Malaysiakini that the men, wearing full-faced helmets, entered the office on Jalan Ipoh about 11am.

The three then asked the staff present for Periasamy, who was not in the building at the time of the attack.
"The men then smashed the glass doors, glass tables and five computers.

"An employee from a neighbouring office was also assaulted with an iron rod when he came to check on the commotion," said Periasamy.

According to the managing director, the trio also stole two mobile phones belonging to his accounts department staff.

"When I called one of the phones, a man warned me to stop publishing articles critical about a spiritual guru who is a datuk seri," Periasamy said.

Hehas filed a report on the incident with the Dang Wangi district police headquarters.

Last month, Periasamy lodged a police report against the meditation group after several people, claiming to be its followers, created a ruckus at the daily’s office.

The report was lodged against the Rajayoga Power Transcendental Meditation Center Sdn Bhd, which is better known as RPT.

RPT was founded by V Balakrishan, who is widely known as 'Datuk Seri Guruji' or 'coat-suit guruji'.

Threatened through phone calls

Meanwhile, Tamil Malar editor Rajeswary Ganesan said this is not the first incident faced by the daily after exposing the Guruji ‘cult’.

She said the daily were harassed and threatened through phone calls by an unidentified man warning them to stop writing about ‘Guruji’.

“However, we will not stop writing about it.

“Today we wrote that Guruji could come to sue us if he did not agree with what we write, but until now he still has not shown up,” Rajeswary (left) toldMalaysiakini in her office.

Rajeswary said the two Tamil Malar female staff members are still in shock after the encounter.

“Our accounts officer who sits alone in her room (downstairs) was threatened with a parang held to her neck. She is still traumatised,” she said.

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