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Friday, January 31, 2014

You screwed it up, CIMB

CIMB bank customers see red over stalled banking services during Chinese New Year celebrations.
PETALING JAYA: CIMB Bank customers have poured scorn against the bank’s plans to upgrade their banking services during this Chinese New Year holidays that begins today.
Many customers are seeing red because the banking services are unavailable and this is becoming troublesome to them.
They have raised their anger against the bank on the bank’s Facebook page, CIMB Malaysia.
“Most companies will avoid any planned events during major festive (season). Why are you upgrading your system during Chinese New Year?” Ngeh Wai Kit, a CIMB customer asked.
According to CIMB Group Holdings, their banking services are temporarily unavailable from 11.45 pm today until 6am on Monday. The CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic branches and service centres would be affected.
The affcted self-service terminals include the automated teller machines, cheque deposit machines, cash deposit machines and foreign currency dispensers.
CIMB’s debit card transactions, on-line banking (CIMB Clicks, BizChannel@CIMB, Gateway@CIMB, Host-to-host Connectivity), mobile banking (MyMobile, Clicks Apps, Mobile Banking Java) and self-service phonebanking also are out of service.
Another customer, Yong Eow, was angry over money transaction that he has been awaiting urgently.
“May I know how long is needed to transfer money from CIMB to another bank or from another bank to CIMB? I am awaiting money for an urgent transaction. You screwed it up,” he said.
Another CIMB customer, Mohd Hafiz meanwhile passed a message that he received on cross platform mobile messaging application, Whatsapp.
The message written in Bahasa Malaysia urged customers to withdraw sufficient amount of funds since there are speculations that CIMB’s services would be down for a week.

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