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22 May 2024

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Police: NGOs gathering at mosque illegal

Penang police to probe last night's incident under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012
GEORGE TOWN: Penang police have deemed the gathering last night by a group of non-governmental organisations, ostensibly to protect the Bayan Baru mosque from attacks, as illegal.
Southwest district police chief, Lai Fa Hin said the 150 people who gathered at the mosque on the pretext of ‘protecting’ it did not have a permit to assemble there.
“We have opened papers under Section 9(1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, as the group had marched from the mosque to the Bayan Baru police station without permission,” he said.
They group was apparently there to be ‘on guard’ after allegedly receiving news that another group was planning to ‘gather and protest’ outside the mosque.
“No, there was no such thing (attacks on a mosque). Anybody can claim anything but we will investigate.”
Lai said the NGOs had lodged 22 police reports over the the ‘Allah’ issue and also the grass-eating and cow-bell punishment meted out to two primary school students in Perak by a teacher.
“Eleven representatives from the group lodged reports over these two matters only. Nothing on the supposed plans to attack the mosque,” said Lai.
He urged members of the public to not spread or listen to rumours about places of worship being under attack as there would be round-the-clock patrols by police in the area.
“Our recently launched task force will patrol all churches and mosques. We will be on standby 24/7,” he added.

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