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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

YOURSAY | Don’t waste money on racial ministries, help all races


YOURSAY | ‘Govt should focus on eradicating corruption, which is the biggest enemy in Malaysia today.…’

Bersatu senator wants a 'Pribumi' ministry

Angry Citizen: Dear Bersatu senator Razali Idris, this beautiful country is made up of multiple ethnicities and today we stand tall because we live in peace and harmony.

Why do you need to propose another ministry when there is an abundance of ministries that are not functioning according to how the voters wish they would?

I would like to see that politicians will not split the rakyat here. Please bring about good governance and protect all Malaysians no matter their race or religion. Don’t promote hate and divide the rakyat.

Enough is enough and don’t let our future generations end up with no land to call their home. Immediately stop plundering the rakyat’s monies and the country’s coffers. Work for the rakyat.

EmEmKay: After 63 years of independence, there is no need for a ministry for pribumi affairs. Firstly, the government of the day should concentrate on eradicating corruption. Corruption is the biggest enemy today in Malaysia.

Secondly, focus on unity by treating all citizens equally as Malaysians. Stop preferential treatment for any one race. Thirdly, politicians should stop making racist statements.

Lastly, the government must not neglect the Orang Asli. The Orang Asli needs must be of paramount importance.

MS: So finally there is an admission that the Malay-majority governments over the past six decades with a succession of Malay prime ministers, Malay agencies, Malay chambers of commerce, Malay NGOs, a Malay-majority civil service, the New Economic Policy (NEP), and other "affirmative-action" policies have all failed "to look after the well-being of Malays, Orang Asli, as well as Sabah and Sarawak bumiputera".

So instead of doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results, Razali should prove he is no lunatic by calling for the appointment of some non-Malays who will be tasked to do what politicians like him have failed to do.

But then there is the problem of pride (maruah) which does not permit lateral thinking.

RegularRakyat: Great, set up more ministries. Continue spending millions of ringgit, which is actually money earned by the rakyat’s work, on useless ventures such as this.

This new ministry is supposed to stimulate bumiputera development but actually, it will only stimulate certain people’s pockets while wasting the rakyat’s money.

It’s such a disappointment. However hard we work, our dreams will still be unfulfilled because of the ineptitude of this short-sighted government administration.

GoldenBoy8888: There have been so many councils established before that acted as the “Pribumi Ministry”. Not to forget, we have the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara), Federal Land Development Authority (Felda), and so on.

They are all meant to protect and maximise the benefits of pribumis. It’s just a waste of time and money to set up another ministry when governance and integrity are still poor.

VP Biden: Splendid idea. I propose you take a leaf out of Idi Amin’s Ugandan ‘bumiputera’ dream.

Seize the wealth and businesses of the pendatangs. Then watch as the nation comes to a halt and economic activity seizes.

Firms and factories that had been the backbone of Uganda’s economy were expropriated. This, combined with Amin’s massive military spending, sent the economy into free fall. External debt climbed and Uganda’s investor confidence was shot.

Malaysia will soon be on par with Uganda.

RedParrot1151: Which country has a ministry just for the majority? Is there a Chinese ministry for Chinese people in China? A Malay ministry in Indonesia? And Indian ministry in India? Or a Caucasian ministry in Europe?

The Malay people must progress with all races, of course, but is setting up another ministry the correct way, or just another waste of money? Huge amounts of money will be allocated for this ministry but is it actually helping the people?

Itslengry02: Indeed, why do we need a Pribumi minister? We already have Mara, The Department of Orang Asli Development (Jakoa), and everything related to bumiputera, Orang Asal, and Orang Asli rights.

The establishing of a new ministry means more money to be spent. Even our current number of ministers and deputy ministers is too high. This is a burden to the taxpayers as the expenses of the government exceeds the national budget.

OrangeSinga6664: Instead of focusing on one particular group, when will politicians realise that all persons in this country that we call Malaysia contribute to it and need equal protection?

We don't need another ministry to waste taxpayers’ money. Or perhaps, Razali, why don't you pay attention to more pressing matters like rampant corruption within the existing pribumi groups?

MoonMan54: The headline on a daily newspaper was “Fry the frogs”. Technically speaking, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is a frog too and he presides over the other frogs.

They are small-minded and politically-bankrupt. Their focus seems to be only how handicapped the bumiputera are and conveniently include the Orang Asli and the East Malaysians in their demands.

Actually, the Orang Asli and East Malaysians only want to be looked at as Malaysians equally, like all other communities, and not be taken advantage of.

In fact, many Malays are truly adaptive, hardworking, and do not look for handouts. The Covid-19 pandemic has mobilised many Malaysians, especially the Malay community, who have among them become self-employed in many trades with little help from the government and have adapted to the new norm.

Sadly, today, we have a bumiputera former prime minister who has stolen billions. We have become world-famous for the wrong reasons.

Government policies have made a mockery of our education. Our true Malaysian identity and culture has been lost and replaced by imported ones in the name of religion.

If the pandemic does not destroy us, these frogs sure will.

JC_2020: What we badly needed is one clean minister to go after all the corrupted ministers. - Mkini

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