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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Special police team to probe MyWatch death threat

Action will be taken against the policemen if the claims as reported in FMT are found to be true, says Negeri Sembilan CID chief ACP Hamdan Majid.
SEREMBAN: Negeri Sembilan police have set up a team to investigate allegations against the police by MyWatch chairman (Malaysian crime watch) R Sri Sanjeevan, recently.
State CID chief ACP Hamdan Majid said, among others, a police report had been lodged by Sanjeevan on Jan 29, claiming police had threatened to shoot him for exposing cyber gambling activities in Jelebu.
“He also accused the police in Jelebu of protecting gambling activities adding that for a two-year period, according to his sources, police did not act against the premises concerned.
“He also alleged that three policemen had not taken any action despite going to a reported gambling spot,” he told a press conference, here, today.
He said that an investigation would be also carried out over his accusation that the police had threatened to kill him.
On a claim that police protected gambling centres, he said it was untrue because 66 raids were carried out in 2011, 154 in 2012 and 12 as of January.
Hamdan said action would be taken against any policeman if investigations found them to have been involved as claimed, adding: “We are serious in this matter.”
On policemen who went to the location but did not take any action, he said: “We process all information received and plan the raid so that it will result in arrests, seizures and charges.”
Nevertheless, he said, only an officer with the rank of inspector and above could enter a premises to raid and seize, under the Entertainment and Places of Entertainment Enactment 1998 or Common Gaming House Act 1953.
“So, the presence of three policemen there clearly showed that they did not have the power, because an officer ranked inspector and above, is needed to conduct the raid.
“We also need an expert on cyber gambling to tackle such cases. We don’t have a cyber gambling expert in Jelebu, so, we need help. In this matter we need the assistance of an expert close to us, for example in Kuala Pilah and Tampin.
“But it does not mean that we don’t take any action if we suddenly receive information at night, when we are not prepared. We will process the information, plan what we want to do and then only we act so that a raid will bring a positive impact,” he said.
- Bernama

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