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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bumi biggest losers in citizenship-for-vote scam

YOURSAY 'They will now have to share the cake with the millions of instant bumiputeras from the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.'

Pakistani gets countryman blue IC in 20 days

your sayTehTarik: The biggest losers in this citizenship-for-vote scandal will be the bumiputeras. They will now have to share the cake with the millions of instant bumiputeras from the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

This means greater competition for schools, scholarships, jobs, housing, business, hospital beds, etc, etc. It baffles many how the local bumiputeras can still continue to vote for Umno-BN when they have sold bumi rights to millions of foreigners.

The Malays should realise that many of these instant bumiputeras are already competing for jobs and other services with the local population. Most of the stalls in Chow Kit are run by Indonesian bumis.

Government maternity beds are overcrowded with Indonesian bumi babies. Many of the Filipino and Pakistani bumis from Sabah are already in the Klang Valley working as security guards and taxi drivers, again competing with local bumis.

Soon the children of these instant bumis will be vying for scholarships and jobs.

Indeed, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has committed the greatest act of treason against both the Sabah bumi population as well as the local Malays.

I Love Recond Scorpene: This is a great embarrassment to the entire nation - easy citizenship. Go to Dubai, you will never get it even if one of your children is born on the arid sands of UAE.

Go to the United States, you will have to interviewed left, right and centre and same goes in Australia and New Zealand.

It makes Malaysia look like a haunt for easy ICs (identity cards) and yet I have friends who have been staying here for almost 20 years and still have to renew their permits annually.

CHY: It is easier for a Pakistani, Indian, Indonesian and Filipino to be issued a MyKad in Sabah than it is for a legitimate Peninsular Malaysian like me to be allowed to stay there.

How ironic and what treachery it is for it to happen in Malaysia.

Black Mamba: They get their IC faster than our employment probation. What a nauseating scandal.

We have to make sure that all BN ministers with knowledge of Project IC are arrested and put behind bars when Pakatan Rakyat comes to power. Clean up this nonsense once and for all.
Dude: The politicians involved in these sickening episodes are cheats, betrayers to the people and traitors to the country. They should be sent to jail for life for the harm they have done to Malaysia.

Keneoh: The true citizens of Malaysia have been betrayed by the most evil regime for 50 over years. The electoral roll is now padded with illegals so that they can remain in power.

Everybody must go out to vote for Pakatan to counteract this in the coming GE. - Malaysiakini

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