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Thursday, January 31, 2013

PM Najib's AWACS on Permata.

 Sung with a Liberace Piano? 
Dato Najib must have a death wish. Or something like that. Or he has political mental retards as his advisors. No one has raised the issue of Permata for some time. Suddenly he has taken the pre-emptive strike. He accuses the opposition for future attacks on Permata. It’s similar to handing your opponent in a badminton game, a bola tanggung or a return that will allow your opponent to smash. Of course, we will respond since it is he who has suddenly gotten itchy in raising the issue.Or maybe he has a personal airborne warning and control system( AWACS). How much does it cost Mr PM?

Why has he made pre-emptive strike? Could it be that Permata has gotten allocations and is asking for more? To do what? It has opened up 56 centres for incubating 4 year olds to become some sort of gifted children. Since 2009, Permata has received on average RM 130 million a year. It has received probably more than RM350 million.

Where does the money come from? It comes from parliament which makes it the responsibility of MPs to ask how was the money applied. What has Permata achieved thus far? What happened to the children who have graduated in 2012? Where have they gone to?

Of course, we will ask how the money was spent. Never in our history, has any wife of a sitting PM gotten allocation from parliament to promote a pet idea. Will feeding the children croissants each morning or having English or American breakfast with toast, eggs and beef bacon and baked beans turn these children into super clever youngsters? Will they go to Harvard, Yale, and Chicago and to Cambridge and Oxford? Remember Dr Mahathir likes to eat croissants every morning and he has said, if you don’t graduate from Oxford, you have no future.

The rakyat deserves to know how Rosmah Mansor spent the allocation. Given her penchant for spending and shopping, of course we have the right to know. Has the bulk of the money gone into the construction of the 56 centres or are they existing premises belonging to others that have been refurbished and renovated. How much was spent in the construction?

Has the money been spent on stupid things such as buying a Liberace piano for RM 80 million? That’s RM80, 000,000. Is that piano used to serenade the PM’s wife with the song memang aku ini, anak orang kampong? Wow!

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