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Friday, February 28, 2014

Caricatures of Chew widely spread online

A week after MCA vice-president Chew Mei Fun was named as the BN candidate for the Kajang by-election, a number of caricatures are being widely circulated online, bringing a fresh and lively image to the usually-serious politician.

Although Chew claimed that designers for such eye-catching caricatures remain mysterious, but she had subsequently picked one of them to change her profile picture on her by-electionFacebook page.

Chew said that the caricatures were not done by the MCA election team, and that she found out after they were posted onFacebook, which went viral as shared by netizens then.

“I have no idea who they (designers) are… just think that they had put in effort and I appreciate it,” she told Malaysiakini.

At least five types of caricatures are currently being circulated on social media websites, with a more creative one bearing an anime female character with her hands showing a heart shape, along with the words ‘BN – Better Nation’.

With more than a week before the nomination day that falls on March 11, Chew explained that the cartoon was not MCA’s official election posters as her team had not completed any.

Commenting on the party’s online strategy, Chew said MCA has to work harder to catch up Pakatan’s level, and judging from the positive public response, MCA should be given a new try to canvass for youngsters’ support.

However, netizens from the other side have taken advantage of those caricatures and did modifications to mock Chew.

Among the taunting effors was the adding of Chinese words on the modified caricatures to poke fun at Chew’s full name, which sounded close to 'Chou Mai Fun' (fried mihun in Cantonese).

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