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Friday, February 28, 2014


Whenever someone has a different opinion to yours, he or she is an infidel. And then you scream ABU and say we must remove Umno because Umno does not allow us freedom of opinion and freedom of expression. ABU kepala bapak kau!
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Dr Mahathir denies being anti-hadith (READ HERE)
Anti Hadis – Dr. Mahathir (READ HERE)
Those are just two of so many news items whacking Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for what his critics allege is his anti-Hadith stand, an allegation that the Tun denies, of course.
While Christians have been at odds for 2,000 years since the time of Paul and James regarding how to interpret the teachings of Jesus, Muslims, too, have suffered a serious split in whether Hadith (sayings of the Prophet) is or is not part of the Islamic doctrine. And some Muslims regard those who reject the Hadith as infidels, just like how some non-Catholics regard Catholics as infidels.
Anyway, trust me, this clash of doctrine between Muslim and Muslim, Christian and Christian, Muslim and Christian, Jew and non-Jew, etc., will go on till the end of time when every single one of them will discover that they were actually all wrong and no one was right after all.
Actually, what the Tun and Kassim Ahmad said was, Muslims need to re-evaluate and reconsider some of the Hadith. They did not say reject all Hadith. Just look at them again and come to a conclusion as to which make sense and which do not.
After all, there were originally 700,000 Hadith, which were eventually whittled down to less than 7,000 — or less than 1%. Hence, if you consider more than 99% of the Hadith as nonsense, is there not a possibility that a couple more could also be nonsense?
That is all these people are saying. Look at them again. Ponder. And then come to a sensible conclusion regarding if more than 693,000 Hadith are fake, could there possibly be a few more within that 6,000 plus remaining ‘sahih’ (confirmed or accepted) Hadith that are equally fake?
If you think no, then no! If some people think yes, then let them think yes. Why get upset when you think no and they think yes? Why must they also think no just because you think no? Let them think yes. You can go ahead and think no. Why start screaming infidel?
Whenever someone has a different opinion to yours, he or she is an infidel. And then you scream ABU and say we must remove Umno because Umno does not allow us freedom of opinion and freedom of expression. ABU kepala bapak kau!
Anyway, just to demonstrate what I mean, have a look at some of the below and you decide whether these are in the no or the yes category.
The Prophet said, “Do not write down anything from me except the Quran.” [Ahmed, Vol. 1, Page 171, and Sahih Moslim, Zuhd, Book 42, Number 7147]
Ibn Saeed Al-Khudry reported that the messenger of God had said, “Do not write anything from me except Quran. Anyone who wrote anything other than the Quran shall erase it.”
From Ibn Hanbal: “Zayd Ibn Thabit (The Prophet’s closest revelation writer) visited the Khalifa Mu’aawiyah (more than 30 years after the Prophet’s death), and told him a story about the Prophet. Mu’aawiyah liked the story and ordered someone to write it down. But Zayd said, ‘The messenger of God ordered us never to write anything of his Hadith’.”
The famous book, ‘Ulum Al-Hadith’ by Ibn Al-Salah, reports a Hadith by Abu Hurayra in which Abu Hurayra said the messenger of God came out to us while we were writing his Hadiths and said, “What are you writing?” We said, “Hadiths that we hear from you, messenger of God.” He said, “A book other than the book of God?” We said, “Should we talk about you?” He said, “Talk about me, that would be fine, but those who will lie will go to Hell. Abu Hurayra said, we collected what we wrote of Hadiths and burned them in fire.”
In the famous book, ‘Taq-yeed Al-Ilm’, Abu Hurayra said, the messenger of God was informed that some people are writing his Hadiths. He took to the pulpit of the mosque and said, ”What are these books that I heard you wrote? I am just a human being. Anyone who has any of these writings should bring it here.” Abu Hurayra said we collected all these and burned them in fire.
Ibn Hanbal in his Musnad book, narrates a Hadith in which Abdullah Ibn Omar said, “The messenger of God one day came out to us as if he was going to depart us soon and said, ‘When I depart you (die), hold to the book of God, prohibit what it prohibits and accept as halal what it makes halal’.”
Again, in the book ‘Taq-yeed Al-Ilm’, Abu Saeed Al-Khudry said, “I asked the messenger of God a permission to write his Hadiths, but he refused to give me a permission.”

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