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Friday, February 28, 2014

Perkasa objects to dropping 'race' in forms

Perkasa has voiced its objection against the suggestion to eradicate the need to state a person's race in official forms.

According to the right-wing movement's president Ibrahim Ali, this is still practiced in countries like America and India.

In India, he added, a person is even required to state his or her caste in forms.

"In America there is still a need to fill up ethnicity and in India, it is to the extent (of stating) caste," he told a press conference.

According to Ibrahim, should this be abolished, it would be difficult for the Statistics Department to collate data for administrative purposes.

The Perkasa president was commenting on the suggestion by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Joseph Kurup.

Kurup had raised the matter during his speech at a forum on unity recently, saying that the time had come for the practice to be abolished.

His suggestion had come amid numerous controversies, legal disputes and protests which have strained racial ties in Malaysia.

Among others, the suggestion received the support of MIC.

Party deputy president and Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam had said that the move would not only raise the spirit of patriotism and love for the country but also foster greater unity.

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