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Friday, February 28, 2014

Education Dept 'still silent' on anti-SBA teachers' transfer

The two teachers who were transferred after making public their opposition to the school-based assessment system (SBA) have yet to hear back from the Education Department on their appeals.

“Regarding my transfer...the Education Department is still keeping silent. Whatever that was said by the education minister has completely been ignored,” Suara Guru Masyarakat Malaysia representative Mohd Nor Izzat Mohd Johari said in a statement.

Izzat, a visual arts teacher, was transferred to schools far from where he usually teaches the day before Izzat protested the SBA at Putrajaya on Feb 22.

In response, Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin (left) said that the order was made by the district education office and that he is unclear if this has to do with his involvement in the anti-SBA movement.

"I did not issue any order or take any action," Muhyiddin told a press conference in Kajang today.

"If there was action, it was from the district level. And I do not know if there are reasons for their punishment or whether it is just because they (teachers spoke) out against the SBA...

“(We) can’t simply persecute or stop anyone from voicing out. You can voice out but follow the law and circular orders,” he said.

He added that the SBA has been temporarily halted to allow for further study following complaints by teachers that the system contained many glitches and bogged teaching staff with clerical work.

Meanwhile, Izzat said that temporarily halting the system will only mean heavier workload for both teachers and students later.

As such, he urged the ministry to immediately scrap the SBA.

“If a new SBA is introduced, it should go through pilot testing of three to four years before implemented nationwide,” he said.

The SBA, introduced in 2011, was to replace national examinations and allow teachers to assess students’ progress through their work in class.

The glitches could possibly see the reintroduction of the scrapped Penilian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination for Form Three students.

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