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Friday, February 28, 2014

Will National Consensus see Leopard returning to Mothership?

For years I have not let go of my belief that The Leopard which can't change its spots wants to return to the Mothership, wakakaka, kaytee's blend of David Attenborough's wildlife and Arthur C Clarke's sci-fi (eg. the Rama series).

Fiction as you may say, but please read on, wakakaka.

I then realized (still do, wakakaka) my suspicions were not far off when in April 2006 I noticed the Feline Predator's 'homesickness' wakakaka, which I posted in one of my A Bridge Too Far series.

In that post, I wrote of his eagerness to offer his assistance to the AAB government, stating he could draw from his experience in the government, the UMNO one of course wakakaka in which he was variously the very much disliked (by Chinese) Education Minister, Finance Minister, DPM and acting PM, the last when he crowed triumphantly of UMNO-BN Youth thugs' hooliganism in smashing up and derailing an international conference (APCET II), 

..... but not once about reformasi, nope, not once in his 16 years of very powerful UMNO life, and let the bells in the temple ring loudly on that note.

Incidentally, one of those UMNO Youth thugs who smashed up APCET II had been Saifuddin Nasution, PKR's current party sec-gen. For more, see my post Political violence - the nature of the beast.

yoohooo, can you see me?


Back to April 2006 - He claimed his experience as as UMNO Finance Minister between 1993 and 1998 (also DPM and acting PM) could help AAB resolve the crooked bridge affair with the Singapore government. He had then stated:

“I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah if he were to ask my views on the issues ... like the negotiations with Singapore on the bridge and even information on the negotiations with Indonesia on border issues.”

Wakakaka, and have you ever heard of him 'ambushing' AAB in Hulu Selangor when the PM went there to have lunch with a religious personality? Mind you, he happened to be there by 'coincidence', wakakaka.

And I was informed by a blogger friend who his special guests were at Nurul Izzah's wedding, those he seated inside his house while his devoted supporters had to do with being outside under his house under tents and such like props.

For a man who loves power at the very top and having tasted the very cream of power (at least until 1998), in a way I can't blame him for yearning for Mothership because the unfettered type of power in Malaysia even until today seems to be only available in UMNO, and thus to re-enjoy that, it would appear he has to get back into UMNO [where also, MCA unlike DAP is verykuai kuai, wakakaka].

Oh, didn't he once challenge via the court the legality of his expulsion from UMNO and thus his removal as DPM? If he had succeeded, he would have nicely been restored into his old position, a process which the game of mahjung has a wonderful term for that, to wit, sek k'ah loong*, wakakaka.

* or in Hokkien, chea k'ah loong

But alas, he sek char woo instead. I had posted the unfavourable outcome of his legal challenge on 08 March 2010 inFederal Court ruling - black yesterday, white today.

Then I had written about the court declaring that Anwar's dismissal as DPM [by then PM Dr M] is lawful because according to our marvellous judiciary in a volte-face to their Perak constitutional judgement, wakakaka, the king as a constitutional monarch was required to act in accordance with the advice of the PM.

Yes, thus I still believe Mr Manmanlai wants to return to the Mothership, and I detect glimpses of this yearning lately in talks of national unity, reconciliation, national consensus, god-what-else-have-you's.

Today, Pak Yasin (A. Kadir Yasin blogging as The Scribe) offers us what he terms as the lastest conspiracy theory abounding in his kopitiam, which he posted as The KKA version of Conspiracy Theory, where KKA stands for Kedai Kopi Assembly, wakakaka.

Pak Yasin, I just love this term and with your kind permission, may use it in my blogging.

Anyway, I hope Pak Yasin won't mind my extracting parts of his interesting post to reproduce here, in support of my belief that the Leopard wants to return to the Mothership, wakakaka, so here goes:

Our theory revolves around the much talked about reconciliation talk that, according to some pundits, will bring together two former friends turned foes – the Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak and the Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Kajang By-election A Red Herring?

What if all the hogwash about Anwar’s candidacy in Kajang State Legislative Assembly by-election and his taking over the Selangor Menteri Besar post are in fact a red herring intended to hide the backroom manoeuvring involving his camp and the PM’s operators?

What if a very influential aide to the PKR’s General Leader had already called on an equally influential member of the PM’s inner chamber to work out a deal whereby the “Ketua Umum” will join the Cabinet and be given a portfolio that makes him very powerful?

I wonder whether that 'very influential aide to the PKR General Leader had been Saifuddin Nasution who was in London - for more read FMT's
 PKR-Umno preliminary talks started last Christmas on 27 Jan 2014. Wakakaka

I like to deal with international stuff - London, APCET II, etc


PETALING JAYA: Is Anwar Ibrahim’s call for a national consensus between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional a precursor to a planned PKR-Umno peace talks?

Earlier today Anwar told reporters that he welcomed Home Minister and Umno vice president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s positive response to the idea of the national consensus.

He added that he had tasked PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution to respond to Zahid on the matter, but dismissed talk that his call for consensus was an indication of a unity government. [...]

popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin said preliminary talks between PKR and Umno had started in London during the Christmas period last year.

“Saifuddin and Zahid both spent Christmas in London recently where they met to hammer out the details of PKR and Umno meeting at a ‘table talk’,” he wrote in his latest blog posting in Malaysia-Today. [...]

... popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin said preliminary talks between PKR and Umno had started in London during the Christmas period last year.

“Saifuddin and Zahid both spent Christmas in London recently where they met to hammer out the details of PKR and Umno meeting at a ‘table talk’,” he wrote in his latest blog posting in Malaysia-Today, [...]

... Saifuddin was asked if it was true that he had met up with Zahid even before Anwar’s call for national consensus.

He responded by saying that he regularly met Zahid and other Umno vice-presidents, Shafie Apdal and Hishamuddin Hussein. “as they are friends”.

“Zahid, Hisham and Shafie are my friends who I meet all the time – in the past, now and in the future,” he said. He however denied that they had discussed unity talks in their meetings.

Zahid today welcomed Anwar’s national consensus proposal and said that it would be taken into consideration by BN and Umno, but added that it was up to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to make the final decision.

It is uncertain as to how PKR’s Pakatan allies DAP and PAS would see the unity talks between PKR and Umno.

FMT learnt that Anwar had informed his close associates that he would not betray DAP and PAS.

Previously, Umno had invited PAS to be engaged in unity talks for the sake of race and religion but that process never got going.

Unity talks between PKR and Umno would also raise questions on the effectiveness of Anwar/PKR-backed Anything But Umno (Asalkan Bukan Umno, ABU) movement.

Anwar and Mohd Najib Were Once Umno Friends

Okay, back to Pak Yasin's post:

So powerful that it sends the shiver (in this dry burning weather) down the spine of his enemies and the PM’s critics or even gotten rid of them for good.

With the problem in the Selangor Government continuing to fester, Anwar knows the risk of his own people jumping ship.It’s a mistake to underestimate Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s resources and resourcefulness.

He was a business and a manager. He knows merger and acquisition better than Anwar and Mohd Azmin Ali. He could apply his M&A skills to politics.

He has the ability to swing Selangor away from PR if he feels that he is on the losing end. So entering into a deal with the PM is a good way for Anwar to checkmate Abdul Khalid if he harbours such an idea.

Abdul Khalid Was A Businessman, He knows M&A

The picture of Abdul Khalid, Mohd Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin beaming away during the signing of the memorandum of understanding on he Langat 2 water supply project on Wednesday could be telling a thousand words.

The Way To Fight Dr M and Daim

For the PM and members of his inner circle, if they believe that the criticisms by (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad and (Tun) Daim Zainuddin can hurt them, a merger with Anwar is a grand strategy. They can count on Anwar to do battle with Dr Mahathir and Daim.

In one brilliant stroke, the PM strengthens his position, destroys the Pakatan Rakyat and rids himself of his critics. Anwar gets to enjoy the privileges and protection as a member of the government. And they can live happily ever after. [...]

March 29, 1982: Introducing The Newest Member of Umno

But has the DAP got wind of this so as to prompt its supremo, Lim Kit Siang, to ask in his blog: "Who drafted this national reconciliation plan and who had been consulted? This is still a great mystery up to now."

not unlike his son, Uncle Lim is also a mushroom, wakakaka.

So, I will be the last person to dismiss the reconciliation talk and of seeing Anwar being mainstream and politically correct once again. Politics, according to German Prussian politician, Otto von Bismarck (1815 - 1898), is the art of the possible.

For more, please read Pak Yasin's The KKA version of Conspiracy Theory.


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