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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Malaysian girl publicly scolds boyfriend for not buying her BIGGER CAR & HOUSE

M'sian girl publicly scolds boyfriend for not buying her BIGGER CAR & HOUSE
A girl in Malaysia was seen yelling at her boyfriend in public for not buying her a bigger car and house as passers-by watch -- even telling off a man who tried to interfere.
This video was posted by a Facebook user Henry Xavier Kueh, and it all started with a can of coke.
At the start of the video, the woman can be hear yelling:
"Why did you buy me coke? You know I don't drink coke."
Her boyfriend tried to explain that the other drinks were sold out, but his girlfriend was not accepting that reason.

A few onlookers had gathered and a few were also filming this argument, but the woman continued to lash out at her boyfriend in a conversation better suited to be in private.
She criticised at his current car, saying it was too small and that he had to buy a bigger one. She also talked about him not getting her a house.
She continued:
"Where am I going to live? Did you think about our future?"
She had given him a one-year deadline, which was apparently up.
A man, believed to be a random passer-by, comes up to them trying to intervene -- only to end up getting yelled at by the woman as well.
She shouts at him in Cantonese:
"This is none of your business! This is between us."
The man then picks up the can of coke she has thrown on the ground.
The exasperated boyfriend had tried to explain that he needs time to work and find a house. He walks away despite his girlfriend yelling at him to stay put. - Stomp

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