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Monday, April 28, 2014

Ambiga: We told Obama what Najib didn't

Members of the civil society presented Malaysia in its rawest form to US President Barack Obama during an hour-long meeting yesterday.

Human rights group Hakam associate president S Ambiga, who was among those present, shared with Malaysiakini what was discussed during the historic session.

"Some of the issues (raised) were the divisive politics, religious and racial extremism, discrimination, authoritarianism of the  government by way of repressive legislation, free and fair elections and the rule of  law...," she said.

Also highlighted were the charges against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and the persecution of the opposition by way of sedition charges and charges under the Peaceful Assembly Act.

Obama, she said, was also briefed on how Malaysian authorities stifled the media.

"We made it clear that Malaysia was neither a  moderate Muslim nation nor was it a democracy in the true sense of the word," the ex-Bar Council president added.

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