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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Transform into 'Malaysian Obama', Zaid tells Najib

He is glad that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak rode with US President Barack Obama in the latter's official limousine, nicknamed "The Beast".  

He is also glad that Obama and Najib had natural chemistry, with the Malaysian prime minister having reached "a new level of sophistication and possessing the aura that world leaders are normally associated with".

But former law minister Zaid Ibrahim wants Najib to show Malaysians that his similarity with the US president extended beyond the smart suits they wear.

Like Obama, who is not afraid to raise taboo subjects because he is special, Zaid said Najib too can be special should he choose to.

For a start, the former law minister said Najib needs to address the radical and misguided Muslims in Malaysia who are hell-bent on destroying the basic framework of the country.

"He needs to defend the present democratic way of life and our freedoms, which are surely going to be threatened by the 'Taliban' coming to power.

"Is the PM not worried that the onslaught against the fundamentals of democracy and harmonious living are gaining ground?" he asked in his blog.

As a Muslim leader, Zaid said, Najib must feel responsible that so many Muslims in modern Malaysia have become extremists.

"As a Muslim leader, he must be concerned that some Muslims in Malaysia are on the same level as the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"Is he not embarrassed or concerned that all these people talk about is whether we should amputate limbs using anaesthesia or should the people suffer and feel the real pain. Is he aware that the national dialogue is all about punishment?" he queried.

Referring to PAS, Zaid said when some Muslims wanted to implement hudud law, Najib responded that he was not against it.

"Would Obama have responded in similar fashion? Obama would probably have said that the criminal law of Malaysia must not depart too far from the norms and practices of civilised countries.

"Obama would have said that Malaysia was a Federation of States in which penal laws must be acceptable to all the states.

"When will our prime minister, who has the aura of Obama, start talking about these issues Obama-style? I believe Obama would have tackled these matters decisively," he added.

Seize opportunity to become special

Calling on Najib to "rise to be the Malaysian Obama", Zaid urged Najib to seize the opportunity to become a "special Malaysian/Umno" politician.

"Obama is obviously special in becoming the first black president of the US. He has championed the rights of minorities in his country, putting Hispanic- and African-Americans in prominent positions in Government and the Supreme Court. Obama has also appointed many women of substance to important positions in society.

"Would Najib match his new hero in terms of being the same special politician? Would he too champion the rights of minorities and defend the rights of Malays and Muslims from the rampaging might of those holding power in the name of God?

"Would Najib be democratic and allow the simplest and most basic rights, such as the freedom to watch TV or read newspapers that do not belong to the BN?" he added.

Like Obama, Zaid said that Najib needs to spearhead a new politics, with new ideas, for a new future for this country.

"He needs to set free Muslim girls in schools to let them participate in sports and school choirs. These girls have to be taught musical instruments and be allowed to sing.

"Or would Najib see the decapitation of his own race just to be a political survivor?" he asked.

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