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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, April 28, 2014

'So why do non-Muslims control the economy?'

Malay rights NGO Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali today dismissed the notion that non-Muslims in the country are not accorded equal opportunities, claiming the larger slice of Malaysia’s economy is controlled by non-Muslims.

He was rebutting the statement made by US president Barack Obama that non-Muslims in Malaysia must be given equal opportunities in order for the country to succeed.

"The statement is as though non-Muslims never got a fair treatment. If that is true, why are non-Muslims controlling 60 percent of the economy? Who owns the skyscrapers, big warehouses, and shophouses in the city?" he asked in a statement today.

He said that any individual who said that Malaysia was denying the rights of non-Muslims are "insane" and "crazy".

"I want to ask Obama, what is the treatment that Israel gives to Palestinians? He is not walking the talk.

"Why is Obama not advising non-Muslims to respect Muslims, who are the majority (in Malaysia)?" he asked.

In fact, Ibrahim said Obama's statement will only add to the racial tension in the country instead of reducing it.

"Obama, like other American presidents, is not transparent. He came to Malaysia and made a one-sided statement that will worsen racial tension," he said.


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  2. Qoute : "Why is Obama not advising non-Muslims to respect Muslims, who are the majority (in Malaysia)?" he asked.

    What a stupid statement...typical arrogant Malay, bodoh tak boleh diajar, cerdik tak boleh di ikut! Walaupun saya juga Melayu dah Islam automatik, kita kena adil. Dari sebelum merdeka, kita sudah ada Cina dan India...sedikit bangsa lain2 dengan agma utama lain spt Buddha, Hindu dan Kristian...mereka semua menjadi rakyat Malaysia setelah merdeka. Kita semua harus hormat menghormati kerana apa pun bangsa dan agama, kita rakyat MALAYSIA! Satu bangsa, satu bahasa! Obama gelak berguling2 la dengar bongok Melayu cakap mcm ni. Kat negara dia, ada ke dia suruh orang kulit hitam hormat pada orang kulit putih kerana mereka majoriti rakyat America atau hormati agama Kristian kerana majoriti dari mereka memilih Kristian? Pikir sendiri la Mat Ibrahim Ali hoi!


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