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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, April 28, 2014

MCA begs Muslim MPs not to vote for Hudud Bill

MCA is imploring Muslim MPs not to vote in favour of PAS's planned Private Member’s Bill in the coming session to allow Kelantan to implement hudud.

MCA religious bureau chairperson and central committee member Ti Lian Ker (left) alleged that PAS' plans for hudud was not true to Islam and PAS was trying to "confuse" the matter.

"There is the continued confusion and debate over PAS hudud enactment and therefore PAS’ version of hudud law must not be associated with hudud under the true Islamic law and spirit.

"Therefore, I call upon other Muslim Parliamentarians not to feel compelled to vote in favour of the PAS Private Member’s Bill which nothing more than a political manoeuvring and not in the spirit of Islam nor its intent," he said in a statement today.

He also called on all the 38 DAP and 30 PKR MPs to stop PAS from tabling the proposed Bill that would end Kelantan's two-decade wait since their hudud enactment was passed in the state assembly 1993.

'Don't use religion to compel'

He argued that PAS was supposed to have formed working committee on the implementation of the Kelantan hudud enactment.

"Instead of coming up with solutions, clarifications or further confusion over hudud, the PAS technical committee complicates matters by conveniently pushing the controversy to the federal government by using the religion of Islam as a compulsion on Muslim members of parliament to vote for blanket approval of PAS’ proposed Private Member’s Bill.

"All MPs implored not to give blanket approval to PAS’ Private Member’s Bill," he said.

Last week BN component partyGerakan also called on MPs not to give PAS the simple parliamentary majority needed to amend the Criminal Procedure Code and Penal Code needed to allow Kelantan to put its hudud enactment into practice.

While Umno's BN partners have been vehemently opposed to PAS's move, the ruling party itself has been cautious not to state its stand clearly.

Last week Prime Minister Najib Razak said he does not reject hudud, but "many issues that need to be solved before the law can be fully implemented in the country".

His deputy Muhyiddin Yassin also refused to state BN's stand till "when the time is right" saying, "As Muslims, it is wrong if we reject it... but we do not know what would be proposed,"

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