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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let World Bank determine who controls economy

YOURSAY ‘It can do a proper study to determine the percentage of bumi equity.’

'So why do non-Muslims control the economy?'

Onyourtoes: Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali asked, “Why are non-Muslims controlling 60 percent of the economy?”

This is the answer: By fraudulently claiming that the Malays have only 19 percent of the corporate wealth in the last 30 years?

Look nincompoop, one Petronas is about half of Bursa Malaysia. Who own and control the banks, the major conglomerates and GLCs (government-linked companies) today?

Who owns and operates all the major utilities and infrastructures in the country today? Who owns and controls all the broadcasting, TV and radio stations? Who owns and controls the automobile industry?

Who owns and controls all the essential commodities in the countries from rice, sugar to flour? Who owns and controls public transport, seaports and airports?

You drink water, you must know the source, but then I don’t expect a nincompoop to know.

The Chinese economic power is in running reflexology and massage centres, selling handphones and computers and running SMEs (small and medium enterprises) which make minimal profits but are being harassed all the time.

Ibrahim Ali is most welcome to participate in all these trades, but I guess he will go bankrupt in one week.

Hello nincompoop, fighting for equality and equal citizenship is not unreasonable. Racism is when one fights for entitlement more than he deserves.

The mushrooming of Perkasa and other Malay NGOs is just an orchestrated racist response by crony Malays to others fighting for equality, nothing more, nothing less.

The non-Malays are right to look at Ibrahim Ali as a chauvinist racist. On the contrary, Malays looking at non-Malays in the same vein need education and enlightenment.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Why not ask the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Asian Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank to do a proper study to determine the percentage of bumiputera equity in the economy including shares held in GLCs by government equity funds?

Non-Muslims do not control 60 percent of the economy. The last I read, the Chinese equity was less than 50 percent, Indians a paltry 0.5 percent to 1.0 percent and the rest held by bumiputera and foreigners. The non-Muslims did not take anything from the Muslims and their success is due to ability, experience, hard work and competence.

The Chinese or Indians did not demand 30 percent equity from anybody when they set up their companies and businesses. Most of them are excluded from government contracts and procurement since most of these are given to 100 percent bumiputera companies.

The non-Muslims did not oppress or mistreat the Muslim majority in order to achieve success. Racism disguised as affirmative action is both unjust and unfair.  

Awakened: Ibrahim, today, the Malaysian economy is controlled by Umno and the BN cronies, not the non-Malays. All the banks except Public Bank, are controlled by bumis.

Similarly, most of the plantation companies like FGV (Felda Global Ventures), Sime Darby, Kulim and other state-owned companies are owned by GLCs. The big infrastructure and utility companies like KLIA, Plus, Tenaga, Telekom are also controlled by GLCs or bumis.

All the oil and gas companies like Petronas, SapuraKencana are controlled by GLCs and Umno bumis. Even the car industry is controlled by Proton, DRB, Naza, which are all owned by bumis.

The non-Muslims are only the retailers and own some of the SMEs. I would say that the gaps between the non-bumiputera are smaller compared with the bumiputera.

On average, a few super-rich bumis are controlling the country’s economy at the expense of all other Malaysians who are marginalised by the politically-connected cronies.
Milosevic: A fair, decent society will entail the following: Someone who says the religious statues in Hindu and Chinese temples are an affront to Islam is accorded the same treatment as someone who says the ‘azan’ announced through new super-speakers for longer and longer periods is an attack on the public's peace of mind, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

When there is a presumption of ‘ketuanan Melayu’, in both ideology and policy, then this cannot treat the two groups equally. Everyone knows this about Malaysia. It is time for you to say "yes, we  believe in ketuanan Melayu and want to be like Israel".

You can't have ‘ketuanan Melayu’ and Islam (through some twist of the constitution) and yet want the world to say you are fair and tolerant.

Grow up, no one buys this, no matter how you and the Umnoputras make themselves to be victims, the classic game of fascists.

Chinese economic strength is due to their capability and historical early mover advantage, and nothing to do with Malay fairness.

LogicalMalaysian: Indeed, who is stopping Ibrahim Ali and his mates to work hard and build an empire. Is the government stopping them from achieving this?

There have been so many handouts of equities, etc, but shamefully they sell for quick profits. Ibrahim is talking as if the non-Malays have prevented the Malays from getting richer.

Despite all the assistance and privileges, why are the Malays lagging behind? And don't ask the non-Malays for the answers. Of course, if you don't want to work but want to be rich, that is a different matter.

Swipenter: If Ibrahim Ali can prove with statistics and facts that non-Malay Malaysians control 60 percent of the national economy then I lick his feet, if not he licks mine. Does he have the guts to my accept my challenge?

Ibrahim Ali you can lie in front of the Malays kept ignorant by Umno Baru but you cannot bullshit the intelligent and informed Malaysians.

The ones that are controlling the biggest slice of the national economy are the Umnoputras, Umno Malay cronies, a few politically well-connected Malay families and the GLCs (which are also controlled by Umno cronies) and bumiputera fund managers.

Banking, insurance, oil and gas, airports, seaports, car industry, freight and shipping, land and air transport, power and utilities, hospitals and pharmaceuticals, etc, are all majority owned by Umno Baru Malays and their cronies/proxies.

The Malay mass is still relatively poor because Umno Baru cheated them of their wealth and entitlements and blames the Chinese for it.

Odin: Ibrahim Ali's statements reflect the mentality of a village idiot who always stubbornly insists that he is right and knows all.

I can explain why the Chinese generally do better than the Malays in business, and what is meant by a level-playing field or equal opportunities, but there is no point in arguing with, or explaining things to, this sort of people.

And, no, I am, of course, not a Chinese. -Mkini

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