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Monday, April 28, 2014

EVEN in front of Obama, Najib lied '"SHAMELESSLY" about Anwar's sodomy case - Surendran

EVEN in front of Obama, Najib lied '"SHAMELESSLY" about Anwar's sodomy case - Surendran
I refer to the statement by PM Najib on 27 April 2014 that the sodomy case against Anwar Ibrahim is just ' an action taken by an individual' who is a former employee who has taken up a case against him, and not a case of the government against Anwar.
This statement, made at a press conference with President Obama, is shocking, dishonest and blatantly false.
The case against Anwar is not a private action by an individual. It is a criminal prosecution brought by the Attorney General against Anwar Ibrahim. The A-G is the government's legal advisor and acts on behalf of the government.
It is also a notorious and indisputable fact that the AG is not independent of the government, and has been partial to government interests in instituting prosecutions.
Najib's claim that the government is not involved in Anwar's case is a complete pretence and a shameless attempt to hoodwink the international community.
In fact, Najib himself is directly involved in the case against Anwar. It is undisputed that Najib had personally met with the complainant Saiful at his residence two days before the alleged incident occurred.
If it is just a case of a complaint by an individual not involving the government, why did the Prime Minister meet the complainant before the incident? No reasonable explanation has ever been given by Najib to explain this sinister meeting.
Najib also deliberately ignores the widespread concern and condemnation of Anwar's conviction by government's and organisations worldwide, and puts on a hypocritical pretence that this is just an ordinary case in court.
Najib's position becomes even more absurd when it is remembered that Anwar is the Leader of the Opposition, and the most prominent critic of Najib's Umno/BN coalition.
Najib's statement was plainly ridiculous and a gross embarrassment to our country in the face of the international media and the visiting American President.
N Surendran is vice president of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and the MP for Padang Serai

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