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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Has DAP fallen into MCA’s hudud trap?

DAP has to be astute in reading the political game by not dancing to MCA's tune.
HududMuch to the delight of Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) enemies, the ongoing debate about the implementation of hudud law has taken a heavy toll on the relationship between PAS and DAP. Therefore, DAP leaders should now refrain from making too much noise on the matter.
Unlike the late Karpal Singh who had opposed the implementation of hudud based on his knowledge of constitutional law, DAP leaders who just ride roughshod over PAS by telling PAS to leave Pakatan is undiplomatic.
It is this columnist’s analysis that hudud will never come to pass (pardon the pun) so there is no need to make a lot of hue and cry about it.
PAS on the other hand has the right to fight for the implementation of hudud as it is in their party constitution even before Pakatan Rakyat was formed.
Let PAS attempt to table their Private Member’s Bill in parliament as it is their right. Then we can see who will reject it and fall into the trap.
DAP must not whip up such a storm over such an issue. Leave PAS alone. It takes two hands to clap and soon this issue will fizzle out as PAS will not be getting much support for their Private Member’s Bill.
Pakatan’s foes would of course want hudud to break up Pakatan via a rift between PAS and DAP. This means that both these two Pakatan allies must not fall into the trap of their foes.
DAP should ignore MCA’s instruction to speak out against hudud as MCA is just using DAP’s voice to speak out. Let MCA fight againsthudud by themselves. DAP need not lend any power to MCA’s voice to oppose hudud.
By speaking out so vehemently against hudud, DAP is just becoming MCA’s lackey by acting according to MCA’s prodding when DAP should just let MCA fight their own battles.
From here it can be seen that DAP has been made used of by MCA. All it needs is for DAP’s lawyers to oppose hudud by basing their argument on the Federal Constitution and that is that.
There is no necessity to talk more by asking PAS to leave Pakatan over this hudud matter.
Focus on GST
Hudud although contentious is not a major issue. Pakatan should focus more on fighting corruption, cronyism, malpractices, wastages and leakages in government administration, and the GST (Goods & Services Tax).
Going against the burdensome GST should be the main focus of Pakatan now. In fact the hudud topic has even overshadowed the mustering of support for the anti-GST rally to be held on Thursday, May 1.
This is the objective of Pakatan’s foes – using a diversion to drag Pakatan’s attention away from the important and hot issue.
And Pakatan has fallen for the oldest trick in the book – a decoy. What has happened?
DAP has to be astute in reading the political game by not dancing to MCA’s tune because MCA is just goading DAP on.
DAP should tell MCA: “If you want to oppose hudud, do it yourselves. Don’t make a fool of us by provoking us to oppose it. Jangan main-main.”
MCA is against hudud but they want to be the good guys and not be seen as attacking a Malay religious party. They want DAP to do the dirty job for them and DAP fell for it hook, line and sinker.
Now by speaking out against PAS, DAP will be seen as anti-Islam and anti-Malay while MCA gets a good image and good gains from DAP’s voice.
The storm will pass. DAP needs to stay cool, calm and collected. In this matter, silence is golden and discretion is the better part of valour.
Also, please focus on the GST issue.
Selena Tay is a DAP member and an FMT columnist.

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