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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Naughty Tian Chua

From AP 22 Oct 2009:

jaga jaga, he's as wriggly as a snake
what, he IS a snake lah, and he bites


A Malaysian court convicted a prominent opposition lawmaker Thursday of biting a policeman at an illegal protest — a verdict that could cause him to lose his Parliament seat.

Tian Chua was found guilty in the Kuala Lumpur Magistrate’s Court on charges of hurting a policeman who tried to stop him from entering Parliament in December 2007 to protest a constitutional amendment.

Chua, a longtime ally of top opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, faces a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a fine. The court was expected to sentence him later Thursday.

Legislators who are jailed for a year or fined more than 2,000 ringgit ($600) must vacate their Parliament seat.

Chua, a member of the People’s Justice Party led by Anwar, has denied biting the policeman.

“They fabricate this story,” Chua told reporters Thursday, calling the charge “ridiculous.”

Magistrate’s Court Judge Faizi Che Abu ruled that Chua’s testimony had inconsistencies and was not credible.

Chua’s testimony had inconsistencies and was not credible, wakakaka! Hardly surprising!

Hey, I may be used by Colgate as a model


Recall also the photoshop photograph of an alleged French dinner for three? Guess who was the author, wakakaka!

Now, he has been publicly called a LIAR by Lim Guan Eng for saying that DAP had agreed to PAS implementing hudud in Kelantan and Terengganu - see TMI's Guan Eng calls Tian Chua ‘irresponsible, unethical’ for lying over hudud issue.

TMI reported Lim GE saying: ... DAP leaders were shocked when Tian Chua declared in Chinese newspapers that implementing hudud laws in Kelantan and Terengganu is PR policy because it was agreed to by PR and DAP.

"Tian Chua’s lies were given wide coverage in the mainstream media despite it not being supported by facts or documentation.

"I have personally spoken to opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim conveying the DAP top leadership’s anger at the lies spread by Tian Chua," he said in a statement today.

Anwar had reaffirmed in both his private conversation with me and public statements yesterday that DAP had consistently opposed the implementation of hudud laws on Muslims in Kelantan, he said.

"DAP leaders hope that Tian Chua will stop repeating such lies in view of Anwar publicly reaffirming that DAP had never agreed to the implementation of hudud laws by PAS anywhere," he said.

More interesting would be WHY Tian Chua has lied on the matter?

Aha, he did so in Chinese newspapers' reports?

I suspect he might have wanted to sabo DAP kau kau in the eyes of the Chinese, wakakaka.

Look, there's no love lost between the PKR Chinese faction headed by Tian Chua and DAP for the reason that the PKR Chinese lust after DAP's blue ribbon seats, wakakaka.

The truth about PKR (if we leave out the PRM component) is that it has been KeADILan has been UMNO. It undeniably possesses UMNO genes and characteristics though it claims to be multi-racial, a claim somewhat discredited by Anwar Ibrahim's poor treatment of many of its erstwhile Indian members who left in droves - now, if they hadn't, would Azmin Ali have a chance of becoming party deputy president?

Even Saifuddin Nasution, current candidate for the PKR deputy president post, has very recently confessed that PKR is principally a Malay party, ... and if I may add, with some sprinkling of Chinese and Indian coriander (Bahasa 'penjilang', Penang Hokkien 'uan suoi', Canto 'yimsai') on the PKR soup kambing, wakakaka.

So what has that got to do with Tian Chua?

Now, while the ex-UMNO members represent the power core of PKR and have undeniably dominate party policies and decision making, the nons like Tian Chua and his Chinese coriander dressing, wakakaka, don't. And precisely because of this, he and his 'yim sai' cohorts wakakaka want so desperately to demonstrate their relevance in the party.

it won't help you lah, wakakaka

That's because Tian Chua fears his Heavenly Snake (wakakaka) faction in PKR might not have a role at all, or at best only a token one, if Anwar Ibrahim were to see DAP as the Pakatan component to be given responsibility for Chinese and Indian majority constituencies.

Tian Chua's fear crystallized into reality when Anwar agreed to Uncle Lim standing in Gelang Patah in the 2013 general elections, and our police-biting martyr-wannabe made that issue into a contentious one within PKR, as reported in the Malaysia Chronicle’s MUTINY IN PKR: Anwar under fire for "betraying" members over seats. And someone told me Tian Chua is virtually running the Malaysian Chronicle, wakakaka. 

Anyway, going back into the troubled history of PKR, especially its Chinese section, wakakaka, prior to 2008, in order to prevent such a terrifying Pakatan status quo, that of Anwar accepting DAP as the Pakatan component party to be given responsibility for Chinese and Indian majority constituencies, Tian Chua (together with the Dwarf) had the very naughty, nasty and nauseating habit of making pre-emptive announcements against DAP in seat allocations, by making unilateral media releases of seat allocations for Pakatan (not PKR) which strangely, that is if you believe in coincidences wakakaka, usually favoured PKR.

Of course those 'unilateral' announcements meant that DAP leaders would, after reading the morning news, invariably exclaim 'WTF!' wakakaka. 

alamak, terdengar Tian Chua akan datanglah
jadi, perlu kami Polis berwaspada


Alas, despite all its pre-emptive strikes, the general success (or lack of) by PKR in elections has been noticeably inferior to DAP, even in Sarawak wakakaka, and coupled with the avalanche-like dominance of DAP in the Penang DUN, have dampened their (Chinese) members' confidence severely.

Thus it was hardly surprising these PKR members in Penang had prior to the 2013 general and state elections desperately sought Mansor Othman's assurances that he would not relinquish any of PKR's seats allocated in 2008, even the ones they lost, to DAP. 

A second probable reason could be his intention to compromise DAP as a covert hudud supporter, despite this being very much contrary to the war of words over the past couple of weeks between DAP and PAS, so as to mitigate PKR's eventual declared support for PAS' plans to implement hudud in Kelantan, a la marilah, kita bersama-sama mati lah, wakakaka.

But whichever reason he has in mind, what do you expect from a man who would bite a policeman, wakakaka.

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