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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The demonisation of democracy by Dr Mahathir – Ravinder Singh

That’s what Dr Mahathir Mohamad did when he said Bersih’s demonstrations were an attempt to bring down Putrajaya.
Isn’t it the hallmark of a vibrant democracy for the opposition in any country to try and bring down the ruling government through the ballot box? Otherwise, how do governments change in a democratic system? And do governments never change in democracies, or must they never be changed?
How else do people in a democracy maintain a check and balance on their government?
Mahathir’s democracy, or if we may call it “Demokrasi cap Mahathir”, is a very vile democracy. It cares nothing for fair play. All dirty means are halal to grab power and cling on to it.
For example, the previous chairman of the Election Commission (a body in the PM’s Department and thus under the PM’s direct and firm control), Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, had boldly told Malaysians how the re-delineation exercises carried out during his time were calculated to ensure the “Malays would remain in power”.
Mahathir laments that “it was strange how even after fresh elections, when the elected government was agreed on by the majority, the minority still continues with street demonstrations”.
Did he fail mathematics in not knowing that the popular vote of 52% obtained by the opposition is the majority, although they obtained less seats due to fraud in delineating constituencies, with some BN strongholds having just a fraction, or even a small fraction, of the electorate in opposition strongholds?
Acknowledging that democracy is not perfect, and insisting that it is by far the best system of government that Malaysia could have, he philosophised, "If democracy is to survive and to serve the purpose for which it was devised, there must be some acceptance of the limits to the freedom which we consider democratic."
So is gerrymandering a sacrifice Malaysians must accept for the continuance of “Demokrasi cap  Mahathir”? And is Project IC of Sabah another such sacrifice? And there should be no other democracy in Malaysia except “Demokrasi cap Mahathir” for democracy to survive in Malaysia!
He is trying to hold Malaysians to ransom by threatening another May 13 in a veiled manner. This is uncalled for of a retired prime minister. 
Having killed and buried the Westminster democracy, he is now dead against civil society resurrecting it.
Just why is he so paranoid about the possibility of “Demokrasi cap Mahathir” coming to an end some day?
* Ravinder Singh reads The Malaysian Insider.

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