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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, April 28, 2014

New political party in Penang

They do not have a party logo yet, but they will be ready with a candidate for the Bukit Gelugor by-election.
Go Chui Tong - Penang Front Party pro-tem chairman and PFP committee membersGEORGE TOWN: A group of 44 local non-governmentorganisations (NGOs) and temple committees, has formed an anti-DAP political party, predominantly Chinese based, to be known as the Penang Front Party (PFP).
The PFP’s immediate political task is to field a candidate for the upcoming Bukit Gelugor by-election.
And its long term goal is to “save Penang from the DAP”.
Forms to register the party will be submitted to the Register of Societies (RoS) today.
Speaking at a press conference in a restaurant in Bayan Baru today, the PFP pro tem committee chairman, local businessman Go Chui Tiong, said the party had shortlisted three candidates for the by-election.
“We will decide on the right candidate and the party logo in time for Bukit Gelugor,” said Go.
He revealed the new party planned to contest 15 to 17 DAP-held state seats in the next general election to achieve its objective.
He added that due to its anti-DAP stance, PFP will have political leanings toward Barisan Nasional and other anti-DAP and anti-Pakatan Rakyat groups.
Bukit Gelugor polls is on May 25. Nomination day is on May 11.
The by-election is being held following the death of senior parliamentarian Karpal Singh of DAP on April 17 in a car accident near Kampar, Perak.
The late Karpal won by a majority of 41,778 votes against Barisan Nasional candidate Teh Beng Yeam in the 2013 general election.
EC data in 2013 showed that Bukit Gelugor voters comprise of 61,112 or 74.49% Chinese voters, 14.48% or 11,880 Malays, 8,660 or 10.56% Indians and others made up 390 or 0.48%.
DAP will finalise its candidate at its central executive committee (CEC) meeting today, five candidate names have been submitted.
Go said he was confident that PFP would be able to upstage the BN candidate from MCA in Bukit Gelugor.
He believes PFP can win more Chinese votes than MCA due to its base as a  public movement.
New PoliticalHe said the party was formed due to the incompetence of the DAP government to govern Penang.
“Since DAP took over state power in 2008, Penangites are now suffering from economic downturn, low investments, growing unemployment, soaring exorbitant house prices and a rising cost of living,” he said.
He said the DAP government had only embarked on posh housing projects, especially high rise mega condominiums and apartments, to benefit the rich elites at the expense of the poor laymen over the past eight years.
He also pointed out that Penangites were now burdened with increasing development charges and new hotel taxes.
Penangites now have to pay for parking until midnight and soon will suffer from a water tariff hike.
“Even breeding fish in cages is being taxed,” said Go, through his spokesman Saw Chong Tatt.
PFP now has over 2,000 members and 20 pro tem committee members. Some  Malays and Indians have also joined the party.
“Penang has become the bait for the DAP to protect and achieve its selfish political goals, not to safeguard and enhance the interests, rights and benefits of Penangites,” said Go.
“PFP will be a multi-racial political outfit to save Penang from the DAP. We want a Penangite to become the state chief minister, not an outsider.
“Penangites have been the prime minister and opposition leader. We have our own capable people to be the chief minister.
“We don’t need outsiders,” stressed Go.

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