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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zahid Hamidi's THREE MONKEYS' version of democracy

Zahid Hamidi's THREE MONKEYS' version of democracy
The US President and all the Religious Leaders and captains of civil society and human rights representatives must be lying through their teeth, given Zahid’s “Three Monkeys” stance.
Malaysia’s Home Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has in a press conference denied outright that there is no discrimination of any sorts in Malaysia.
In response to Barack Obama’s caution (IF NOT A REPRIMAND) on discrimination against humanity the Home Minister has rebutted stating that there are ‘no restrictions imposed on non Muslims’ and that Malaysia is ‘fair to all races’. (Malaysian Insider, April 28, 2014).
So simplistic and unintelligent of Zahid, yet it's enough to 'win back the pride' of Umno diehards and Malay racists
His claims, as made in his press conference today that “there are (no) obstacles to practicing religion in Malaysia” also makes the religious leaders who spoke to the US President in person look like sinful, blatant and habitual liars.
Zahid’s claims that “equal opportunities is given to non-Muslims and (that the) government is fair to all….” also makes the civil society and human rights leaders who spoke without fear or favor as they were wisely granted an extended one hour session (instead of a scheduled 15 minutes) audience with the American President, seem like a bunch of recalcitrant liars out to create chaos too.
With this rebuttal from the Home Minister he deems all that the Malaysian human rights and civil society as well as religious leaders shared with the US President as they unloaded the pressing issues and concerns that hinge on race, religion, gender, social-economic status and political affiliations is utter rubbish.
Malaysia’s home Minister’s rebuttal also makes the US President look real silly in extending the time frame to hear out the concerns and to get a first-hand update of the sitz-im-laben here in Malaysia.
Will Ambiga, NGOs and those who raised their 'perceptions' to Obama be arrested for sedition?
What is next? Will these civil society, human rights and religious leaders now be hauled up for tarnishing the image of the country and be branded as ‘penghianat’ (traitors) for pouring their burdens to the icon of world power, the President of the USA?
Let us ask the Home Minister of Malaysia a few questions.
What was your political party’s kris-weilding antics all about at your general assembly?
What is all these ‘ketuanan Melayu’ (Malay supremacy) that your political party which also forms the government, championing relentlessly, all about?
What is your National Economic Plan agenda truly for?
Even in practicing Islam, Malaysia 'racializes' & 'politicizes'
Even in the practice of Islam, Malaysia discriminates does it not? Yes, all that sledge-hammering on any Muslim group that does not subscribe to the UMNO version of Islam.
Honorable Home Minister you have philosophically stated in that same press conference that “mutual respect between all religions is a necessity”. But pause and ask yourself Sir, one honest question:
If there was ‘mutual respect’ would all these wise, learned and respected leaders from human rights and civil society and the various non-Muslim religious leaders not have sung a united song of harmony and proclamation of how great was the UMNO-led government to the ears of the world’s leading power?
Obama was shocked enough to extend time-frame
Would Barack Obama in the very first place even have scheduled and then went on to extend the time to a full sixty minutes to hear out the feedback presented to him?
Either your boss the prime minister of Malaysia, Najib sacks you and redeems the country’s face or he maintains his iconic continued silence which will mean only one thing, i.e. absolute indifference to the President of America’s concern, caution and desire.
Can the current Malaysian government shut the door on face of USA? - MAILBAG

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