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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dr Afiq, thanks for speaking truth to power

YOURSAY ‘Truth in M’sia isn’t appreciated when wielded against those in power.’

‘VVIPs draw copters away from dying patients'

FellowMalaysian: I am totally shocked and traumatised to read Dr Afiq Rahim's account of the helicopter hijack by the VVIP, leaving a bleeding mother with a cervical tear and a fourth-staged breast cancer patient both suffering in their death bed.

The VVIP's visit could certainly have waited when there were two lives dangerously near critical death and desperately needing the Nuri copter to move them to a proper hospital.

Without Afiq's patience and his skill as a medical doctor, the two patients may not have survived through this ordeal. I thank him for his humanitarian and benevolent effort in saving life as well as in taking the effort to highlight his plight. Allah will reward you tenfold for your kindness.

And let's not be too quick to blame this VVIP - whoever he may be - for hijacking the Nuri copter from critically-ill patients.

It is the people from the Malaysian Civil Defence Department (JPAM) who administer the deployment of government assets for rescue operations during cases of state or national emergencies, or during major disasters. JPAM director-general Zaitun Ab Samad should be queried instead.

This VVIP may not be aware that his 'well-meaning' visit could have caused the lives of two patients.

Game Changer: I'm horrified reading this story. Every sentence in this story got my heart beating faster and faster, imagining what if I was in that situation, or worse, I was the one lying there dying.

How could the rescue coordinator play with our lives like that, and more importantly who was the VVIP who thought he/she deserved the copter ride more than the dying patient? I demand an answer, no, we demand an answer.

Patriot: These two are not isolated cases. There have been many cases such as this. That is the reality out there. The VVIPs should be fully aware that such transportation is indeed needed in times of emergencies.

If however, it is true that the VVIPs were not aware of this fact, then I say they don't deserve to be elected as a VVVVVIP (it does not matter how many Vs are there) period.

Anyway, despite all the evils around, it is good to know that there are indeed some good souls out there like Dr Afiq.

Dr Afiq not only deserves our praise for his utmost medical professionalism, but also for his bravery and courage in highlighting this sad episode.

Vijay47: Dr Afiq is the kind of doctor we need: a tough no-nonsense professional whose only concern is the patients under his care.

His disgust and fury can be seen from the fact that he made a public I-don’t-care-a-hoot statement, his name included, about the kind of shameful conduct that politicians indulge in.

Dr Afiq should now go the whole hog and reveal the names of the despicable individuals who think so highly of themselves that attention to even serious medical cases need to be put on the back-burner while they embark on some publicity-seeking jaunt.

All that such individuals have succeeded in is giving confirmation that within Umno, beginning with the prime minister himself, self-glorification is the only thing they care for.

The usual ramifications can be expected - Dr Afiq may be charged under the Official Secrets Act (OSA), the General Orders or any handy regulations, so that no other government servant will have the temerity to reveal unsavoury truths about Umno leaders. But the entire nation is behind him.

100% Truly Malaysian: Dr Afiq, please brace yourself against disciplinary actions or unreasonable postings or treatments from the Health Ministry despite the truths that you are revealing.

Truth in Malaysia is not appreciated when it is wielded against those in power.

Victor Johan: First, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak instructs all the cabinet ministers to come back from their vacation. But what could, or should, these fellows do?

Now these bored fellows, having nothing significant to do, come to the flood areas to make their presence known and to score some political points.

The flood victims don't need verbal assurance or comforting words. They need food, clothing, shelter, and timely medical attention. So the VVIPs can just keep their butts out of the way and let genuine volunteers and workers continue their tasks of helping the victims.

Truth Really Hurts: Since the PM recalled all ministers from their annual holidays, they must now demonstrate to Najib that they are working on humanitarian aid.

They would need proof that they are on location, so the helicopters are the best means to show the premier where they have gone in order to show their sad, sorry faces.

Saddened: Leadership by example... from today, all VVIPs have to go on sampans to the flood-stricken areas to deliver food supplies and essentials.

Many of us will follow suit if we have to hire a sampan. Which VVIP will be the first? Khairy Jamaluddin, why don’t you start the ball rolling since you are the youngest minister, thanks.

Shibboleth: These VVIPs just want to get their photos on rice bags, newspapers, and TV footage. They are overweight, with no relevant skills and are of little intelligence. Instead of helping, they get in the way of relief efforts.

Dr Afiq, keep up the good work. We won't get in your way, but we are organising food and blankets to be sent to you. God bless. -Mkini

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