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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NAJIB AFRAID OF HIGH IQ PEOPLE? We will see PM & no one else - 25 prominent Malays

NAJIB AFRAID OF HIGH IQ PEOPLE? We will see PM & no one else - 25 prominent Malays
The group of 'Eminent 25' only wants to meet with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on the issues they have raised, adding that they have never heard of the Malay Consultative Council (MPM) before.
"We only want to meet with the PM and no one else," former diplomats Kamil Jaafar and Noor Farida Ariffin said today.
They also questioned what exactly is the Malay Consultative Council, which claimed that it had been ordered by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) to meet with the 25 prominent Malays.
"I have never heard of this MPM or any of its people, who are they?" Noor Farida asked.
They also said that none of their group members had received any sort of invitation from anyone.
MPM secretary-general Hasan Mad had announced yesterday that the NGO will be holding a closed-door meeting with the 25 'Eminent Malays' soon.
"I have never heard of this group which came out of the blue.
"Our main thrust is to meet the PM, not this or other groups. We are not interested in discussion on theology or on such issues. We have more important things to discuss.
"What we want are policy-makers and there is no point in us engaging in endless doubtful discussions," said Kamil Jaafar, who once headed the Wisma Putra.
The 25 eminent Malays had also declined to meet with the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to discuss issues raised by the former civil servants and diplomats in their open letter.
The group had written an open letter to Najib earlier this month, urging him to show leadership in the wake of intolerant voices from right-wing groups such as Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) and Perkasa.
The former top officers - comprising retired judges, ambassadors and scholars - said in the joint letter that it was time for moderate Malays to speak out against the extremists.
‘We know the PM is busy, we can wait’
Kamil's fellow ex-envoy, Noor Farida, said they understand that the PM is busy now, but that they are willing to wait.
"We know the PM is busy now, and we can wait.
"We will only meet representatives from the PM for preparatory meets, and what we want to discuss has to do with the encroachment of the federal constitution and the abuse of the syariah laws," said Noor Farida, who was Malaysia's ambassador to The Hague for many years.
She said what they have urged for in the statement is the formation of a council of experts in the federal constitution and syariah laws.
Noor Farida (left) pointed out that the country is "hungry for moderation", judging from the response roused by their statement.
She also said the group is "gratified" that the country is united in receiving the statement which urged for racial tolerance and harmony.
"Nevertheless, I am amazed that a call for moderation can invite such vitriol and rabble-rousing," said Noor Farida, referring to the Umno-owned Malay media which had condemned the statement and labelled the group as "insulting Islam".
She further stated that she is surprised at the personal attacks that have been hurled at the 25 personalities in the group.
"What has our personal lifestyles got to do with what we have asked? Please stick to the issue," Noor Farida stressed.
She noted that a second statement - but with more than just 25 'prominent' people - is on the way. - M'kini

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