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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mahathir vs Najib – Feng Shui vs Black Magic

Just when 30 million Malaysians were enjoying the Christmas and the coming New Year long holidays, disasters strike again. When you thought both MH370 and MH17 incidents were the worse that could happen in a year, it gets worst. With only days before we step into the new year, two more disasters happen. First, the worst flood in decades occurs making more than 230,000 people homeless. Then, Flight QZ8501 went missing yesterday.
Malaysia MH370 Missing - Who Are the Terrorists On Board
Like it or not, Malaysia is now on the world map, for the wrong reasons. Now, everybody knows this country not because their people live on trees, but because of the nation’s ability in losing three commercial planes in one year. Malaysian flight MH370 went missing for no apparent reason in March, follows by the downing of flight MH17 by surface-to-air missile in July. Yesterday, AirAsia’s Airbus flight QZ8501 went missing en-route Surabaya-Singapore.
Malaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - Buk 9M28M1 Took 9.86 Seconds To Reach MH17
In total, 693 passengers and crew were missing or lost their precious lives from flight MH370 (239), MH17 (239) and QZ8501 (155) this year alone. Averagely, that’s one plane lost every four months. Now, which country can boast such a record? Unfortunately, Malaysia will be the record holder for many decades to come, not that other countries are envy about such achievements in the first place. Are there any explanations to such a misery fortune?

During Mahathir Mohamad’s 22-year-rule from 1981 to 2003, nothing of such extraordinary misfortune has ever happened. The dictator former prime minister was born Mahathir Mohd Iskandar Kutty, making him a Mamak (Indian Muslim) from Kerala, India. Ashamed of his root, he was never proud about being a Mamak. But he was smart enough to understand that he must be more Malay than the original Malays in order to climb the political ladder.
Mahathir Smart Corruption for Dummies
Hence, Mahathir played religious and racial cards skilfully, becoming the most powerful man in the country. As much as he pretended to be a Muslim Malay leader championing majority Malays population, he was opened to ideas and beliefs from other cultures. Not many know that he’s a strong Korean ginseng believer, something which keeps him going strong even at his current age of 89. He also had battalions of Chinese advisers, and a great believer in feng-shui.

Those who had visited his office during his premiership know how well feng-shuied his throne was. The new capital – Putrajaya – was carefully chosen and designed for the best feng-shui, after years of searching for the best location. After decades in Kuala Lumpur, the feng-shui cycles have come to its end, as far as political party UMNO is concerned. According to feng-shui masters, Putrajaya was supposed to extend UMNO’s rule for at least another 100-year.
Putrajaya Bridge over Lake
Why do you think they built a staggering nine bridges and man-made lakes, a number associated with the Chinese auspicious longevity in Putrajaya? It was supposed to “feed the dragon”, literally speaking. But as fate has it, Mahathir had kicked his hand-picked successor Abdullah Badawi and now has no other choice but to boot yet another hand-picked prime minister – Najib Razak.
Najib Coward, Badawi Clueless, Mahathir Dictator
Najib took over from Badawi in 2009, after the latter reluctantly gave up the throne, which comes with billions of dollars in perks (*grin*). Najib was only an officially elected prime minister after last year general election, by convention of him being the president of UMNO. But he performed worse than the lame duck Badawi. Just like Mahathir being a strong believer in feng-shui, Najib relies heavily on external forces in keeping his throne.

For as long as one can remember, Najib’s wife, the beautiful Rosmah Mansor, is the de-facto prime minister. It’s perfectly alright if Rosmah was as capable as Hillary Clinton. However, Rosmah uses black magic on not only Badawi but also her own husband PM Najib. Could that be the reason why Najib sees his wife as if she was Kim Kardashian (*grin*)? Well, if you believe in tooth fairy and Cinderella, then you should believe the story.
Rosmah Mansor and Kim Kardashian
Apparently, Rosmah has employed the services of “bomohs” or “shamansfrom as near as Kelantan to as far as India. Guess what, as much as the Malays in this country believe in Islam, they also believe strongly in bomoh hence black magic. So, when Rosmah business partner, carpet dealer Deepak Jaiskishan, exposed about Auntie Rosy using such bizarre black magic rituals on opponents, not many were actually surprise.

While it was considered alright to cast spells on people you don’t like, it’s totally another story if black magic was used to the extent that it costs somebody’s life. Had such evil black magic been used on Mongolian beauty Altantuya, whose body was blown up to pieces using military-grade C4 explosive? After all, only such brutal murder could caused a restless soul to come back haunting a country, from which she couldn’t get justice.
Altantuya Shaariibuu
Coincidently, after PM Najib won his first term in office last year, this year proves to be the most disastrous year in the nation’s history. Are these signs of retribution on this sick country which continues to see the evil people get elected to walk the corridors of power? From fairy tales such as Cinderella to comedy such as Despicable Me, we were told about endings of good-vs-evil. Are we seeing the results of electing witch leaders?

Just like any black magic, if the culprit couldn’t be brought to justice, then people surrounding them would be the sacrificial lambs. Deepak claimed Auntie Rosy’s spell does not work on Mahathir because he has his own protection, obviously. Does that means the retribution from Altantuya’srestless soul somehow spills over to ordinary Malaysians since Najib-Rosmah are protected, at least for now?
Deepak Jaikishan and Rosmah Mansor
Most importantly, would the misery finally ends as the nation leaves the year 2014? Or was it just the beginning for more misfortune and disasters as the country enters 2015? Will a great recession about to hit the country next year, with record breaking unemployment and bankruptcy? What we know is PMNajib has reluctantly forced to return home from his golfing trip with President Obama. The only good news so far – kids get another week extension of school holidays. -financetwitter


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