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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NAJIB CAMP TRIES TO SPIN HIM OUT OF TROUBLE: 'Strong reason for Obama meeting and not just for golf'

NAJIB CAMP TRIES TO SPIN HIM OUT OF TROUBLE: 'Strong reason for Obama meeting and not just for golf'
IF there is one thing I dislike when work or rather ground work needs to be done, it is having divas and VVIPs around. And although I guess it is part of their “job scope” to be seen at ground zero when disaster strikes but really what do we expect them to really do there except to take photos and highlight the situation.
So yes, some may seem put off with the Prime Minister Datuk Najib Razak not being there and instead is in Hawaii playing golf with US President Barack Obama. But before you go over the rails in anger, do consider the following.
This job of taking care of the situation is better served by those people who have the skills to do it. Having him around just a distraction. And having followed his tweets and other communication, he is keeping track of the situation and providing the necessary support.
I personally think that’s much better than wearing Wellington boots to help clean the drains surrounded by bodyguards and taking photos showing how much he cares.
And the interesting thing is if he goes around at the flood areas, the people would most probably be commenting that it is a populist move. Just to gain publicity.
I won’t be surprised though if there are more benefits that may come in the short and long term golf event with Obama. Maybe some logistics support? Flood relief funds? A pledge from US? It is not impossible. And who else to get that part of the job done if not the prime minister?
And all those aside, has anyone considered the fact that one does not go play golf with the most powerful man on earth on Christmas day on a whim. It would have been planned a long time ago and there would have been a very strong reason for this meeting to take place.
I guess it would have been nice to see him mucking around in flood waters, just for public relations sake. I know it would have made some people happy.
Let the pretenders and attention-seekers go take their photos and selfies and what not. The general has better things to do that will bring good to the nation. Let him do his job.
I am glad to see that he trusts his people to do the job that needs to be done. And they are doing a fine job.
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