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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Malay Renaissance: Another Perkasa type but with higher IQ & same goal - to do what it takes to keep Umno in power?

Malay Renaissance: Another Perkasa type but with higher IQ & same goal - to do what it takes to keep Umno in power?
I read with amusement the proposal by the Malay Consultative Council (MCC) to form a movement of 20,000 Malays leaders known as the “Malay Renaissance” to foster unity among the Malays and to instil confidence in them so that they would be as capable as other races in the country.
Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with fostering Malay unity and instilling confidence among the Malays. It is just that the whole approach is so parochial and insular and not likely to achieve anything substantial.
What can 20,000 so-called Malay leaders do when more than a million Malays in Umno, many of them holding the most important positions in the country, have failed to achieve the very objectives of the movement – Malay unity and Malay confidence?
The Malay Renaissance movement will probably end up as another hot-air organisation with lots of pomp but nothing much to show. For all I know, it will be just another self-deceiving chest-thumping movement like Perkasa.
I am saying all this without malice. I do want the Malays and other Bumiputras to succeed so that this country would be at peace with itself. But I think the whole approach is wrong.
This is what I would have done to instil Malay unity and confidence — start a Malaysian Renaissance Movement. Start a movement that gathers leaders from all communities and tap into their expertise and experience to bring changes to the Malays as well as the nation as a whole. If we first seek unity, harmony and tolerance among communities, I believe unity among the Malays will come naturally. With cross fertilisation of ideas and experiences among the different races, I believe Malay confidence will come naturally too.
If a community is weak in something, it is futile to rectify it from within. Surely it is easier to learn from others who are more successful. Malaysia is a land with diverse cultures, values, expertise and experiences. Surely it is a waste if we only want to look within ourselves to correct the weaknesses. This is common sense, but sometimes pride and parochialism could be our biggest stumbling block in our quest for improvement and betterment.
Yes, form a Malaysian Renaissance Movement instead of a Malay Renaissance Movement. Allow the different races the opportunity to extend help to each other. Not only is this good for national as well as Malay unity; it is also a more effective way of giving confidence to the Malays. - FMT

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