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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Anwar’s Strong, Formidable, Convincing Majority Mirage


And while Anwar dreams, the Pakatan Harapan herd or lembu continue with their wishful thinking, Pakatan Harapan MPs defect to Perikatan Nasional one-by-one, the Emergency continues, Muhyiddin Yassin continues as Prime Minister, when Pakatan Harapan is weak enough, Muhyiddin will dissolve parliament and call for a snap GE15.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Anwar Ibrahim first announced he had a strong, formidable, convincing majority in 2008. According to Anwar, on 16th September 2008, 30 Barisan Nasional members of parliament were going to defect and join Pakatan Rakyat. That would trigger the collapse of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s government.

It did not happen, though.

Twelve years later, on 23rd September 2020, Anwar again announced he had a strong, formidable, convincing majority and that, the following month, Muhyiddin Yassin’s government will collapse.

That was about six months ago and thus far it has not happened as well.

We must understand human nature or human psychology. People like to be associated with winners, not with losers. That is why Anwar tries to project himself as a winner. But once people see Anwar as a loser and not a winner, they will abandon him. That is only natural.

So, Anwar needs to say things even if they are not true and are only a mirage. Anwar, as with all politicians, cannot keep quiet. They must be heard and seen to remain relevant. Hence, they need to talk even when there is nothing to talk about. And if there is nothing to talk about, they will create something to talk about.

It is said that less than 10% of the people are leaders and more than 90% are herd (Malays call it ‘lembu’). And these more than 90% ‘lembu’ are gullible and will believe anything you say. They dabble in wishful thinking, not in reality.

Most people believe in God (or Gods) and have a religion. If you ask them to prove that God exists, they will challenge you to prove that God does not exist. The thing is, they are the ones making the claim about the existence of God, so the onus is on them to prove their claim.

The point that seems to escape them is that they have been conditioned (or brainwashed) to believe in God and religion. And this belief is based on faith, not based on evidence. This means, since the time they were able to think, they have been taught that based on faith alone you can believe, you do not need tangible evidence.

Hence there are two elements here: wishful thinking and faith. And if you possess wishful thinking and faith, you can believe in anything.

Pakatan Harapan’s 2018 election promises were just a con

And that is how Anwar cons Malaysians. He plays on the people’s wishful thinking and faith to get them to believe in him. The people believe him because they want to believe him. They wish what Anwar says is true, and this wish (that it is true) makes them believe him.

The concept of mind over matter works the same way. Your mind can make your body feel or experience the opposite of reality. You can feel hot water as icy cold and ice as hot if you can make your mind convince your body this is so. Hence believing in what is not true is not that difficult.

Many people believe Anwar can deliver (because he says so, and because he has convinced people his word is as good as gold). In fact, he can even make people who hate Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad support the old man for Prime Minister.

The so-called Mahathir-Anwar unity deal was also another big con that the voters bought

All Anwar has to do is tell the people that Mahathir will stay as Prime Minister for only two years, after which he will retire. All Anwar has to do is to present his 2018 General Election Manifesto about the magic he is going to perform once Pakatan Harapan takes over the country.

Just words, nothing but words, but that is enough to con the people into believing in him. That is the mark of a conman extraordinaire who can make people believe that fungus on a hospital window is the image of Mother Mary.

What people do not see is behind every illusion that Anwar performs, there is something going on behind the scenes. For example, in his 2008 strong, formidable, convincing majority con, he was actually offering those 30 Barisan Nasional MPs RM10 million each or RM300 million in total to defect.

When they did not accept the offer, he increased the figure to RM20 million per MP. And that would come to RM600 million in all.

John Soh was supposed to fund the ’16 September’ coup in 2008

The problem is, the RM600 million would not come from Anwar’s pocket. John Soh Chee Wen was supposed to fork out the money. Soh, of course, could afford it. But what guarantee could Anwar give that, after paying out the RM600 million, the 30 MPs would defect, or not only a few would defect?

It had to be all or nothing. If just half the 30 BN MPs defected, then the RM600 million would be money down the drain. And what happens if the other side counteroffers a higher figure, say RM50 million per MP? And since the other side is the government, they could afford it.

The price was too high, the risk too high, and there was no guarantee that the whole plot would succeed. So, Soh refused to pay out the RM600 million on a far-fetched idea that had very little chance of success. And that was why Anwar’s ‘16 September’ flopped.

The same goes for Anwar’s ‘16 September 2.0’, which was supposed to have happened in October 2020. It was based on a deal with the ‘court cluster’. Anwar was supposed to arrange for all the court cases against the Umno people to be dropped plus all the money and assets that the government confiscated from Umno and its leaders be returned.

Anwar is trying to do a ‘joint-venture’ with Umno to kick Muhyiddin out but so far has not succeeded

First of all, if Anwar did this, the voters will be outraged. After all that trouble, the government goes and drops all the cases against the Umno people and return the money and assets the government confiscated? The voters will never be able to accept this. It will be suicide for Pakatan Harapan in the next general election.

Secondly, the government allegedly confiscated RM1.1 billion from Najib Tun Razak’s condo in Pavilion Residences, supposedly illegal cash and assets. Will the government be able to return this RM1.1 billion cash and assets to Najib? Is the RM1.1 billion all still there or has half already disappeared? Or was there even RM1.1 billion in the first place or was that value faked or jacked-up to make Najib look bad?

Yes, there is no RM1.1 billion. It has either been stolen while ‘under police custody’ or there was never any RM1.1 billion in the first place. And that is why the Singh disappeared and left the country. He knows the shit will hit the fan if the truth is revealed. Hence Anwar’s ‘16 September 2.0’ is a dead end as well.

And while Anwar dreams, the Pakatan Harapan herd or lembu continue with their wishful thinking, Pakatan Harapan MPs defect to Perikatan Nasional one-by-one, the Emergency continues, Muhyiddin Yassin continues as Prime Minister, when Pakatan Harapan is weak enough, Muhyiddin will dissolve parliament and call for a snap GE15.

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