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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Two MPs cite constituency’s needs in ditching PKR for Muhyiddin


Two MPs who quit PKR to back Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin cited the interest of their constituencies for their decision.

Tebrau MP Steven Choong said Muhyiddin understood and agreed to the need for access to ministers in order to resolve the people’s issues.

He cited various problems including floods, illegal waste dumping, illegal money lending, affordable housing, local council issues, river pollution and migrant workers.

“I hope with my experience as an accountant, external auditor, tax agent and business negotiator for 40 years, I can work with all ministers and government agencies to resolve these issues.

“I am also willing to assist the government particularly in areas related to my expertise.

“If needed, I am willing to cooperate with the Finance Ministry to plan and formulate a tax system to improve collection while at the same time does not burden the business community and people,” he added.

Choong said he hoped to be a bridge between the government and the business community.

'People are suffering in Julau'

Meanwhile, Julau MP Larry Sng said he had consulted his constituents over the past few days before deciding to leave PKR.

Sng pointed out that he won his seat as an independent in the 2018 general election before joining PKR and is now returning to an independent role that is friendly to the government.

“In my constituency of Julau, the poorest in the country, people are suffering because of the economic impact of the pandemic, loss of jobs and income from low commodity prices.

"I have been unable to serve Julau effectively through a lack of much-needed development funds, which is badly needed.

“With this move today, I am confident that I will be able to deliver my election promises to my electorate,” he said.

Sng said there had been too much political instability over the past year which had damaged the country’s economy and people’s wellbeing.

“I truly believe that the best way forward is to put politics aside for now so that we can help stabilise and rebuild our beloved country together.

“The prime minister is doing what’s necessary to help Malaysians in this difficult time and I believe that I too should play a role to support him. Too much time has already been wasted, politicking and bickering whilst the people suffer,” he said.

Both Choong and Sng met with Muhyiddin today to submit a written pledge to support him as the prime minister. - Mkini

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