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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Postman apologises, dog owner to withdraw slingshot complaint


A video clip from security camera footage showing a postman allegedly using a slingshot on a dog.

PETALING JAYA: A postman who injured a dog in Kluang, Johor, has apologised to the dog owner, and said he feared losing his job.

A video clip posted on Facebook today showed the postman, known as Dolah, meeting dog owner Sivakumar Marimuthu to apologise for causing injury to the dog.

“I am terribly sorry, you know how much a postman earns. I am scared of losing my job,” he said in the video. Pos Malaysia has said the postman has been suspended pending an investigation.

Sivakumar said that he did not want to prolong the case. “I know working as a postman is not an easy job. I understand that,” he said, and told FMT that he was withdrawing a police report lodged on Feb 23.

On Feb 22, an animal rescue group posted a CCTV clip showing a postman on a motorcycle using what appeared to be a slingshot to fire an object towards the dog, which was inside the compound of Sivakumar’s home.

Sivakumar said the incident happened when the postman delivered a letter that had to be signed by his wife. After the postman rang the bell, Sivakumar’s dog rushed out of the house into the compound and was shot.

He said his wife did not see the postman shooting the dog but saw it “running away in pain”. She then signed for the letter, after which she attended to the dog. - FMT

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