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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coming soon: Bersih a front for extraterrestrials?

your say'First, Utusan claims Bersih is sponsored by foreign Christians organisations. Then, it's by communist elements, together with a US pro-democracy NGOs.'

Utusan overdrives on Bersih 'communist' plot

Ignis Sacra: It is all the doing of the resentful ghost of that arch crusader, former chancellor Joseph Konrad Adenauer.

Unhappy with current chancellor Angela Merkel, the tortured ghost is now seeking his evil consolation from the idea that every last Malay must be condemned and crucified.

It's as simple as two plus two, as plain and clear as the lines on your own hand. Everyone can see it. Utusan Malaysia can. Why can't you?

DannyLoHH: First Utusan claims that Bersih is sponsored by foreign Christians organisations. Then it's by communist elements, together with a US pro-democracy NGOs that are closely linked to Anwar Ibrahim.

Can they go any more far fetch than these? My gosh, they can't even string up a coherent slander (fitnah) against Bersih.

Anonymous_40a7: What next, guys? Bersih is a front for extraterrestrials to take over Malaysia? Or the devil's plot to convert Malays in becoming his worshipers?

If this is the best Utusan can come up with, I wonder where the journalists are from - Wonderland?

Multi Racial: Well, just watch how far those without integrity and responsibility willing to go to tell lies.

Bishop calls for an end to Christian bashing

Anonymous: The fact that Utusan can continue to lie with impunity obviously tells us that the Umno-led government is at the brink of collapse and therefore very desperate now.

They can stoop so low as to resort to intimidation, thuggery, gangsterism, death threats, baseless accusations and all sorts of dirty tactics aiming at thwarting the Bersh 2.0 rally. But can they overcome the ever rising people's power?

Paul Warren: But Bishop Paul Tan, you have failed to consider the readership of Utusan. They are obviously of low IQ, frothing in their mouths while watching old Western reruns where Indians are the obvious enemy.

Anything like what you write will be beyond their understanding. Obviously, those who act on such allegations, like the Umno-led government as well as the police, which initiated an investigation that shall never see an end, must have peanut-sized brains.

Lee Hwa Beng: We need more Christian leaders like Bishop Tan who dare to speak the truth.
Ferdtan: Dato Lee Hwa Beng, we agree: we need more Christian leaders who dare to speak the truth. But what about MCA - does it dare speak out? After all, you are the government and your partner, Umno, owns Utusan.

Anonymous_40dd: The authority is bent on linking the Bersih rally to communists, Christians, extremists waging war against the Agong, the Pakatan Rakyat opposition, etc. They simply fail to recognise that the rally is the natural response of people treasuring true democracy in our country.

Anonymous_4056: Firstly Umno-owned Utusan claimed Christians wanted to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia and said there was a conspiracy to install a Christian prime minister. Now it claimed that the opposition wanted to revive communism. These shameless Umno minions are spreading all sorts of lies just to cling to power.

Honestly, we do not know what they are going to claim next. It will be so ridiculous that only Umnoputras would believe them. This goes to show how stupid they can be. These Umno leaders will go to the extend of getting the police to be involved and even have the cheek to drag the Agong's name into their nefarious schemes.

Ben Hor: As long as Utusan continues to print and Ibrahim Ali continues to breathe, Christians will continue to be bashed, for everything and anything. Maybe it is high time that the Christians rise and form a 'Christian Perkasa' group, just to see what the government would do.

Ruben: I have always loved my country and considered myself Malaysian first before I identified myself as a Christian. I have a lot of respect for my fellow Malaysians of other races and I have a lot of close friends among them, both at work and socially.

Now I feel very disappointed, very hurt, very angry and also fearful. Why? Because the government is bent on pitting one race against another, one religion against another. How can Utusan be given freedom to print articles such as these?

Tuah PJ: Yes, yes, Utusan. All the PAS members taking part in Bersih 2.0 are Christians too.

NGO: Arrested Korean student no security threat

DannyLoHH: The Umno regime is so scared of its own shadow that a female intern from South Korea is depicted as a spy with malicious intention to topple the ruling regime.

Song Min Young is working on a research paper, comparing Malaysia elections with that of the South Korea. I bet the experience our police force is giving her will have a lot of "positive" impact on her research paper. So much for preserving the image of Malaysia on the international arena.

Ong Guan Sin: A poor foreigner falling victim to the Umno/Utusanconspiracy. When she goes back home, her story will anger as well as entertain her fellow Koreans. No Koreans tourists will come. Minister Ng Yen Yen should lodge a complaint against Utusan for spoiling Malaysia's tourism industry.

Communist plot: PSM reports Utusan to police

PolitikAsia: The May 18 Foundation is a reputable organisation in South Korea that uplifts democracy. It is not any kind of organisations as depicted in a slanderous manner that Utusan has done. Just google them.

Ben Hor: The plot really thickens when we start adding foreign nationals - one from the right-wing and another from the left. This sure is getting very interesting. - Malaysiakini

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