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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Of Dogs, Pigs and Malaysian Politicians.

Dogs are loyal and give unconditional love and loyalty to the hand that feeds them -even if the hand that feeds them belongs to a thief. Pigs loves to wallow in the swirl of their own filth. UMNO politicians are like dogs and pigs. Their source of wealth i.e. the hands that feeds them - belongs to UMNO. UMNO's demise is their demise. UMNO's needs to ensure that UMNO wins at the electoral post knows no limits. UMNO politicians lie, cheat, embezelled and steal for UMNO's survival. And to do this these politicians must wallow in the filth and sleaze of their own making. So there is no shame for UMNO to be called dogs or pigs because how can you not be one of them if you follow the very antics of dogs and pigs?
But what of the opposition? I see in Penang now that big business and state politicians are already working "closely" to "develop" Penang! Much too closley sometimes! But then where will Penang politicians be without the money to do things for their electors and for themselves. Sometimes more for themselves then for their electors. But then I digress...we are talking about dogs, pigs and UMNO politicians...and so we will go back to that for now. Penang can wait for now!

I find myself searching for adjectives to describe these politicians that seems to be in a world of thier own. If they can close the doors and shut the windows to their world and prevent any of us from looking into their sordid world it would be tolerable - but the reality is that each and every move they make are watched by everyone of us with interest, with amazement and of course with contempt. Do these politicians no longer care what they do and what we think of them?

Or do they think that they can bluff and bluster their way through any situation? That all that they would have to do to overcome any embarrasing situation is to sit through it all and through the passage of time, it will all go away. Has not Najib learned from Altantuya? That even with her blown to smittherins! With Razak Baginda wealthly in exile overseas! With the two UTK murderers behind bars! Altantuya still haunts Najib any which way he turns!

With Mahathir - he is now reduced to calling people names and trying to overcome his doing the way idiots do : trying to make light of great wrongs that they have done. Mahathir now thinks that is is amusing that people reffered to him as a dictator: that Ops Lallang is a laughing matter. He thinks that subjecting DSAI to physical and mental pain is a laughing matter and he makes light of it all when speaking about it now. It might be a laughing matter to him but not to those who were subjected to much physical and mental torture - them and their families. That this ex Prime Minister tries to draw a laugh from his audience everytime he refers to his dictatorial ways and to the abuses and mismangement under his rule is an indication of a senile mind. He is no longer able to give as good as he gets and falls back to sarcasm as a defense mechanism and laughter to deflect his abusive excesses during his time as PM. I think time will not be kind to him when the onslaught of senility advances upon him in the not to distant future.

Najib should know better! He wants to do the right thing but is not prepared to face the costs of doing so. I say he should know better because his exposure to life has been more a learning process. Najib is never one to rush into things until he is secure in the knowledge that he has nothing to lose by the decision he makes.From the time when he preferred to "kautim" with Rosmah's ex husband rather then go for broke to the time when he earned the grateful thanks of Mahathir when he finally decided to back Mahathir during the Two M's bebacle of UMNO in 1987 - Najib should have known better then to allow UMNO to descend to the level it now finds itself in.

How a Najib who himself is tainted by sexual allegations allowed UMNO to resort to sexual innuendos and sodomy high jinks if beyond my comprehension! He already has the murder of Altantuya swimming around him looking for a an opening to enveloped him within its grasps. His time in MINDEF is astounding because from the KSU and the Generals down - all of them were in cahoots to ensure their nests were well feathered when the time came for them to retire. And in retirement financially well rewarded positions were on offered for them to prostitute themselves demi kepentingan bangsa, negara dan lain lain and of course themselves.

Look at any infrastructure project around you. Look at any Banks, Insurance companies, any multi national entities, any government departments any law enforcement agencies - even the religious departements -they are all a minature of what has been happening and is still happening in MINDEF. Once the BN government has decided on an end, any means will justify that end. If there is a way to make money there will find it at the expense of our country and our people.

What is difference now is that we are all privy to each and everything that they do! This morning I saw for myself this Johari Abdul talking with the three Datuks about DSAI in living colour and all that I see could be rewind, paused and looked at my leisure at my will. I can go to Johari's press conference and to the three Datuks press conference - compare notes and listen to what they all say and look for any tell tale indications of lies or exagerations - and after going through it all - I MAKE MY OWN DECISION AS TO WHO SPEAKS THE TRUTH AND WHO LIES...and the sad part is this - these booldy politicians still think they can pull the wool over our eyes - or to be more exact - they still think that we cannot think for ourselves!

Whatever has been kept under the Official Secrets Act. All those abuse of the tender systems, the negotiated tenders - everything that has happened under UMNO and BN over all these years will eventually come out - if not bit by bit then in one avalanche when another governmnet takes over from BN. Another government that will be elected by the people and hence will have to listen to the people. And power will then reside where it rightly should : In the hands of the people. So I have no fear that an elected Pakatan Rakyat government will not listen to what the people will want them to do. For to not do so will certainly be a fatal error for Pakatan Rakyat. The days of us kowtowing to politicians will end with this 13th general elections....and if these politicians thinks otherwise go tell them that they are dreaming!

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