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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PM and DPM: RM40mil for house rent and RM2mil for water?

PM and DPM: RM40mil for house rent and RM2mil for water?

Two families are residing in two houses that incur an annual rental bill of RM40million as well as Bil Air for RM2million per year? Wow!

But did the rakyat not give its undivided support to the government to build PutraJaya at huge cost to provide a good workplace for the Prime Minister and his Deputy’s office? Did we not mind that they had very spanking, ultra modern places of work so that they can perform efficiently?

But what is this palatial dwelling to sleep and rest costing RM40million annually all about? You mean the rakyat also agreed that they will sleep and party like kings and queens in fables when not working? Are they having that many guests to entertain at home that they need to impress people with a multi-million ringgit rented dwelling?

Where have they got the time to have so many kenduri and feasting and what have you at home? Perhaps it is all in line with our ‘Truly Asia’ hospitality so they need to entertain visitors and guests at home too. But why are they not entertaining guests and visitors at the palatial offices we built for them?

Just the water bill alone ...

While we rake our minds to shreds begging for answers, here is another puzzle: RM2million of water usage per annum in total for both families? Hey, that is RM167,000 per month’s billing or RM5,555 of water usage per day!

Even if you forget to close the taps every night, because you are a very busy leader, it surely would not be RM5,555 daily, would it? Or are they having an underground burst pipe that the local authorities have not yet fixed despite so many complaints by the family members of the PM and the DPM?

So if all these do not tell us about extravagance then what is it? Rights and privileges? Or are you both running a huge orphanage at your homes? Pray tell us dear PM and DPM.

No small wonder than that everyone in the league is trying to outdo each other. Remember that Klang maligai? Or of recent the multi-million ringgit renovations to a menteri besar’s house?

Yes the time is right then for the opposition parties in collaboration with the blogger community to do a land and aerial survey of all the multi-million ringgit dwellings of those in power and in office ‘Kerajaan’, to help establish the good life and times of our BN/UMNO leaders and party wigs.

Opposition, show your bills and let Malaysians compare

On that same token, has anyone got anything to say about PAS Spiritual Leader Tok Guru’s humble domain? Or Lim Guan Eng’s sleepy hollow? Or DSAI’s little bungalow in downtown Segambut?

And in any case, how much Bil Air do those in the opposition pay?

Obedient and poor rakyat are tightening their belts so much these days that soon we may all enter the Malaysia Book of Records as the people with the tiniest waste line in the region. Meanwhile looks like the partying has not stopped within the corridors of power.

Any wise sage will tell you that someday, one day, and not too distant in the future, the children of Malaysia will be paying the price for all these sins that their parents never committed. How sad. How very painful. A nation blessed with everything good – from black gold to golden palm, will be bankrupted with such spending.

- J. D. Lovrenciear is a reader and contributor to Malaysia Chronicle

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