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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why no raids on Perkasa and Umno Youth?

your say'Umno and Perkasa are showing unruly behaviour with their threats of violence, bloodshed, and arson. Yet the office that got raided is Bersih's.'

Bersih HQ raided, 7 staff arrested

SMC77: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and PM Najib Razak must take note. It is PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) and BN which are inciting fear and chaos at this upcoming gathering. If there is any crime committed by any party, it can only be PDRM and BN.

If the BN and PDRM refuse to let the rakyat to voice out their concern and anger, they are forcing the rakyat to turn the peaceful gathering into a violent protest that could lead to the same outcome as we have seen in Egypt and other parts of the Muslim world in recent months.

Kee Thuan Chye: Why raid only the Bersih secretariat? Why not raid those of Perkasa and Umno Youth as well since they will also be holding rallies?

My fellow Malaysians, please take note of this practice of double standards and relate it to everyone you know so they may know the true situation in this country.

Joe Lee: This is becoming ridiculous. Umno is shitting in its own pants and is resorting to terrorising Malaysian citizens. It is seeing its own demise in the mirror, and like a dying man who doesn't want to go, it is lashing out at everything.

These terrorist acts will be remembered by the people of Malaysia, and when it is judgement time, Malaysia will decide their fate.

Anonymous_3e86: So far the rally has not materialised yet. How can they arrest anyone under Section 27(5) when there hasn't been any rally?

Yellow T-shirts, orange T-shirts, cream T-shirts - all have been confiscated. So what colours are allowed? What about yellow underwear? Is it illegal too?

It appears the police under the instructions of BN has created more chaos and fear than the Bersih organisers. I'm sure it is BN's intention to create chaos in order to implement emergency rule. They are that desperate...

I will be wearing something yellow on July 9.

Chipmunk: These were not cops but thugs. Their behaviour is very unbecoming. They are an insult and disgrace to the king. They should remove the term 'Di Raja' from PDRM and instead use PDUM (Polis Di Umno Malaysia).

Let's see how many more arrest they are going to do? The more they oppress the rakyat, the more the rakyat will retaliate. Shame on these police.

DannyLoHH: It's funny to see how the police work in Malaysia. Time and again, Bersih had reiterated that their rally will be a peaceful rally. And time and again, Umno and Perkasa are showing unruly behaviour with their threats of violence, bloodshed and arson. Yet the office that got raided is Bersih's.

Lakia: This lawless action should drive our determination to fight on much harder for democracy, justice and freedom for our beloved country and all its people. All of us now go back to our respective kampong in the rural areas and explain to all the voters there why we need to kick out the BN in the 13th general elections.

There is absolutely no basis to oppose the Bersih peaceful rally. Only those who want to cheat are afraid of a clean, fair and transparent electoral system.

Anonymous: Are we a police state or under emergency? Why can't we have a peaceful democratic rally? Without provocation from Perkasa and Umno Youth, it would be a peaceful rally.

The police should instead threaten Perkasa and Umno Youth and prevent them from rallying on same day. They can do it another day. The troublemakers and threat to peace are these provocateurs and they should be prevented from disturbing the peace.

Swipenter: PDRM, how about raiding the secretariats of Perkasa and Umno Youth since they have declared openly to march "illegally" on July 9 and they too don't have a police permit nor blessings from Hishammuddin.

Malaysian Down Under: With all these arrests, the gatherings in Australia might actually be bigger than the one in KL. So, to the Malaysian diaspora in Australia, let's unite in a single voice.

To the corrupt authorities in Malaysia - you can fool some of the people all the time, all of the people some time, but you will never fool all of the people all of the time. Bersih 2.0 aims to drive home that point, and witnessed, I hope, by the world.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: In the past few days, it has been the Home Ministry and the police who have been committing a long list of crimes against the Malaysian people: slander, false arrest, assault and abuse of the PSM detainees, criminal intimidation and harassment of Bersih 2.0 organisers and members of the public, criminal negligence and dereliction of duty by standing by idly while the Umno Youth mob uttered explicit threats of arson and violence against the PKR HQ in Tropicana.

Anonymous_4135: No matter what you do, how you raid, how many people you arrest, doesn't even matter if the Agong doesn't show up to meet us on July 9, you can continue to provoke us, regardless of how you want to intimidate us rakyat, you will never be able to blot out the spirit of Bersih 2.0.

You can use water canons to stop us gathering, but the one most important thing the government cannot do is change our heart.

Anonymous_5fb: Enough said. With 'dirty' election, we need to vote 'overwhelmingly' so to neutralise the 'dirty' election processes this 13th GE for Pakatan Rakyat to take over Putrajaya.

Mohd: How can we call this is a democratic country when the 14th component of the ruling party is the police force? - Malaysiakini

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