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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Musa moves to amend outdated laws

Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman wants solution and is seeking to see "Malaysia Inc. in action" with his plan to tackle various issues.

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah government has decided to review various outdated laws still in force in the state that is hindering efforts to regulate certain sectors of the economy.

Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman said today that among the problems they hope to tackle are those associated with the administration of subsidiary titles and management corporations.

He said for some reason subsidiary titles were taking too long to come out and many management corporations were simply not functioning properly.

“Buildings are falling into disrepair and as a result our towns are suffering, local authorities are suffering and people are suffering.

“No one is to blame and I am not interested in apportioning blame.

“What I am interested in is finding solutions and acting on them,” he said during a courtesy call on him by several members of professional bodies comprising engineers, architects, lawyers and developers.

Also present during the occasion at the Chief Minister’s official resident were heads relevant government authorities, namely the State Attorney-General (AG) Roderick Fernandez, Director of Land and Survey Osman Jamal, Natural Resource Department director Halim Nayan and State Town Planner Mursidi Sapiee.

Musa who is also State Finance Minister said he wanted to see a better delivery system that would contribute positively towards the property market in Sabah.

He said it was clear that certain laws are outdated and the government will consult expertise, study and update such laws to suit present day needs and circumstances.

“Undoubtedly there are also practical ways in which we can streamline our administration. We will look into that and do the necessary, even if it means some radical change,” he said.

Second-hand solution

He also said the time has come for Sabah to follow the example set by other jurisdictions and establish the office of Commissioner of Buildings to guide, monitor and enforce.

Musa said such solutions must however be tailored to Sabah and its people’s needs, rather than accepting an ill-fitting second-hand solution.

“These issues involve both the government and the private sector, each depending on the other.

“So whatever we do needs to be a collaboration between the two sides if it is going to work and work well.

“We need to see Malaysia Inc. in action,” he said.

He said he has instructed the State AG to consult with those in the property and legal professions and to initiate a dialogue with the relevant private and public stakeholders.

He has also directed the State AG to appoint a committee that would include members of the private and public sectors.

Musa said the term of reference for this committee was not limited to the amendment of legislation alone but, among others, would cover policies, manpower and ICT requirements as well as implementing a system to efficiently process subsidiary titles.

“This committee will report directly to me. The outcome of the committee will be tabled in the State Cabinet meeting.

“With this approach, I am confident that within a short time we can have in place an efficient system that would provide a better service to the people,” he said.

He therefore urged all relevant private and public stakeholders to give their full cooperation and assistance to the committee spearheaded by State AG.

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