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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Malaysia on the brink of ushering in a new-world order

Malaysia on the brink of ushering in a new-world order

Abraham Lincoln once said 'the only thing you have to fear is fear itself.' How true! But then fear is also the weapon used by tyrants and dictators to force their citizens into absolute obedience and submission.

Over the course of history, man has risen against despots and the cruel yoke of tyranny. An uprising occurs when citizens feel the yoke of oppression weighing heavily upon them and upon reaching the point of no-return decide to cast aside their fears to start an uprising.

Ancient Chinese history has a long record of many uprisings. But of course, China is a very old kingdom whereas Malaysia is a young nation. Even Malaysia's independence was borne out of negotiations although there has never been a really serious uprising in Malaysian history.

Those who use fear

Tyrants use fear as a weapon to quell uprisings but there will come a time when this weapon is no longer effective against the human spirit that yearns for freedom and truth.

There will come a time when each nation is at the crossroads of history. Malaysia is facing that moment now, for better or for worse. There comes a time when the Old World Order must give way to the New. But it is when the Old wants to cling on to power regardless of the consequences, then there will be what can be termed as a 'clash of civilizations'.

The BN Government will be in power for 54 years come this August 31. They are now in clear and present danger of being deposed by the New World Order, the Opposition coalition known as Pakatan Rakyat (which can be translated into English as the Peoples' League or Citizens' Coalition). This New World Order is more people-friendly and people-centric.

Knowing that they are in danger of losing their iron grip on power, the BN government has dug in their heels and will fight tooth and nail to remain in power at all costs till Kingdom Come. They will do everything in their power to quash this New World Order.

Clash of civilizations

Thus, begins the clash of civilizations. The old must give way to the new in a graceful manner in order for a smooth transition to take place but if the old is stubborn, then the nation can only regress into becoming a failed State.

Inevitably, the Old World Order which has amassed unlimited wealth and power during its lengthy reign will stifle all forms of dissent so that they can rule forever.

But change is unavoidable, one way or other. If change is resisted by the Old World Order, then the clash of civilizations can erupt into chaos and untold disaster.

In the name of peace, prosperity and progress, which is BN's well-known mantra to woo voters, perhaps it is timely for BN to remember its dignity and not descend into the gutter of bar-room brawls with the Opposition and its own citizens.

If BN fails to do so and clings onto power relentlessly and ruthlessly, it will only lead to a greater catastrophe than the people could ever imagine. Once events spiral out of control, the wheel of time cannot be turned back to arrest the deterioration caused by those who were greedy and lusted for power.

Thus, the price of resisting change is a price that is too high to pay but the Old World Order will never give up their grasp on power. By hanging on, they will lead the nation to perdition, sinking her into the abyss of oblivion, forever consigned to being a 3rd world nation.

If the Old World Order refuses to budge, must the people take the future into their own hands by setting a path for the nation to follow and thus forever changing the course of history?

July 9 is calling, history is in the making. This will be only the beginning as momentous events will unfold.

Will the people abandon their fears and be brave enough to usher in a New World Order? If they are, it would herald the rebirth of a great Malaysian nation.

- Malaysia Chronicle

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