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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Datuk T sex video: Christian-state Umno blogger now goes after PKR's Johari

Datuk T sex video: Christian-state Umno blogger now goes after PKR's Johari

As expected, the UMNO elite are digging in despite a failed attempt to get at Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim over a sex video tape, although indirectly now through disreputable pro-UMNO bloggers.

Papagomo, one of the two UMNO bloggers recently involved in creating the Christian state row where DAP and 8 pastors were accused of trying to overthrow Islam and making Christianity the official religion, has again been tasked to do the latest dirty deed.

This time, he published on his blog a clip showing PKR MP for Sungei Petani Johari Abdul watching the sex tape (scroll below). In it were also former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Perkasa treasurer Shuaib Lazim.

The UMNO plotters have tried to emphazize the jovial mood Johari was in as he watched the sex tape with the three men who called themselves Datuk T. Indeed, he did laugh and joined in the ribaldry, but as he pointed out, he has agreed that the man in the video was Anwar.

"So what if I laugh? Cannot, ah?" was Johari's comment to Malaysia Chronicle. "The fact is I never said it was Anwar and from the way they manipulated the tape shows how dirty and low-level these people are."

To damage control for the revealing PKR counter-tape

The clip in the Papagomo blog was entitled Johari Abdul admits the sex video actor is Anwar Ibrahim, but nowhere in the tape did Johari say it was Anwar. The editor of the clip tried to give the impression that is what Johari had said by replaying a particular sentence uttered by Johari several times. But a replay will show that Johari's words were actually: “It is not because of Anwar, but it’s because of the scene.”

UMNO and the Datuk T trio are indeed very upset with Johari because he was one of the first to blow their cover and also took part in the PKR tape to counter the smear campaign against the Opposition Leader. The PKR counter-tape (scroll below) has been very successful in foiling the UMNO plan to use the Magistrate's court to lend credibility to their claim that the man filmed having sex with a prostitute was Anwar.

Anwar is also the de-facto head of PKR and the Datuk T had initially screened the tape that they said they had "discovered" to a group of journalists in a bid to force him to quit politics. But PKR investigators discovered that it was Rahim who made the booking for the screening room and Shuaib who paid with his credit card.

"Johari never said it was Anwar and the latest person who said he asked for RM1 million is Eskay. But this is not captured on the video, why? This is another manipulation," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

"Their objective is to knock down Johari's credibility because he said it was not Anwar. They want to knock down the credibility of the PKR counter-tape, that's the purpose this latest clip, but again it boomerangs because it shows their true colours."

Why is Rahim still the RISDA head

Indeed, Johari had already informed the public that Rahim and Eskay had tried to entice him to defect. They also asked him to bring along other PKR leaders to watch and then defect to BN.

In the Papagomo posting, Eskay had said that Johari asked for RM1 million but as Tian pointed out, there is no evidence of Johari saying this in the clip. If it was true, they would surely have included it in the clip.

"We are not too worried about this latest video because those who watch will finally understand the sort of people who are leading UMNO. Rahim is still chairman of RISDA, Eskay was a former Thai consul and hangs around Mahathir and Najib. Shuaib is supposed to be with Perkasa, representing Malays rights and also the father-in-law of Shafie Apdal. But look at their behaviour on the tape. This is how they spend their time," PKR stalwart Eddie Wong told Malaysia Chronicle.

"It is good if Malaysian women saw Papagomo clip, let Malaysian mums decide whether they want their sons to grow up in this sort of UMNO culture propagated by the current Najib administration. This is serious because, for example Rahim should be immedaietly sacked as RISDA head but the word is that UMNO will field in GE-13."

- Malaysia Chronicle

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