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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DAP senator hauled up by the police

S Ramakrishnan was picked up after a dinner speech for allegedly encouraging members to take part in the Bersih rally.

PETALING JAYA: Senator S Ramakrishnan was hauled up by the police last night and questioned for almost 40 minutes over a speech he made at a DAP dinner.

Ramakrishnan who was released on bail after his statement was recorded at the Banting police station in Kuala Langat said: “I was speaking at a DAP dinner at the Jugra stadium, urging members to take part in the upcoming Bersih rally.

“As I was heading towards the carpark after my speech, four to five plainclothes policemen stopped me and brought me to the police station. They said I was picked up for encouraging people to attend an illegal rally,” he told FMT today.

An accountant by training, Ramakrishnan who also lectures at the Metropolitan College in Subang Jaya, Selangor added: “The police said that they were investigating me under Section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code.”

Section 112 allows the police to gather statements from witnesses.

Ramakrishnan said that his lawyers would take up the case if there is further action from the police against him.

In a related development, Teluk Datuk state rep Philip Tan of the DAP also had his statement recorded after the same function for allegedly wearing a Bersih T-shirt. He too, is being investigated under Section 112.

The police have denied a permit to Bersih, headed by former Bar Council chairperson S Ambiga, to hold the ‘Walk for Democracy’ rally on July 9.

A coalition of 62 NGOs, Bersih has made an eight-point demand to the Election Commission to reform postal voting, clean-up the electoral role, use indelible ink, allow all parties access to the media and introduce a minimum 21-day campaign period.

Perkasa and Umno Youth who have signalled their intentions hold rallies of their own on the same day have also been denied permits.

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