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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The eagles are landing: Citizens must speak out against Umno madness

The eagles are landing: Citizens must speak out against Umno madness

No, it is not some invasion by nature owing to drastic changes in climatic conditions. No, it is not the US air defense descending on Malaysia. It is not even the motivating challenges to dare to excel in your professional, business and personal lives - like the programs corporate leaders promote to their employees.

Far from it, it is about your very basic right to a democratic life and times supported by civil liberties that are pursued by the sensible governments the world over that is now seriously under threat in Malaysia.

Two new incidents in particular refer and could very well be the tip of an iceberg.

The PDRM has descended into parliament to execute their police work. According to Lim Kit Siang they have entered the nation’s premise of immunity – the pinnacle of democracy, to take statements from two politicians.

This is something you never hear in the democratic world and its history. Never! If what LKS has reported is the absolute truth, then the police are demonstrating in no uncertain terms that they are more powerful then parliament.

But that is not all. The Mat Rempits too have descended. Some 600 motorbikes with UMNO flag waving rowdies created a mob-like siege at the PKR Headquarters. And to boot it all, an UMNO politician has taken responsibility stating his full knowledge and approval for this assail on peace and civil liberties that are sacred to citizens.

Civil society must convene emergency meet

We now have every reason to shudder at what next.

Would it be keris-wielding PERKASA eagles daring citizens to a fight down the streets of Chow Kit? Would it be PEKIDA eagles descending with their claws of dare upon citizens in the open? Would it be battle-trained RELA charging at a multitude of women, children and senior citizens? Or would it be some C4-like attacks here and there and later to be dismissed as terrorists taking advantage of the chaos created by Malaysians from the opposition divide?

Looks like the PM means what he says and says what he means. Remember his UMNO assembly screams for bones and blood and crushed bodies – i.e. the price he is willing to pay to keep the UMNO-BN political parties as the sole owner-managers of the Malaysian government?

Either all the seniors and elders and sane and responsible and caring and learned citizens convene on an emergency note and galvanize their aspirations for this nation against all that we are witnessing from the UMNO-BN quarters or we all face the price as the eagles are certainly landing in a bold and daring fashion.

J. D. Lovrenciear is a reader and contributor to Malaysia Chronicle

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