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Thursday, June 30, 2011

yellow is the new black......huh ??

Jangan pakai topi warna kuning

atau cermin mata kuning

atau jam tangan kuning

Berseluar bukan warna kuning

Jangan pakai kasut kuning

Berpakaian T-shit bukan warna kuning

Oops!! jangan pakai seluar dalam kuning

Jangan pakai coli kuning

Jangan naik kereta kuning

atau bas kuning

atau pandu motosikal warna kuning

Elak minum teh warna kuning

atau makan mee goreng kuning

atau nasi bryiani kuning

atau makan pisang kuning

atau buah durian isi kuning

Jangan beri hadiah bunga ros kuning

Para Pengantin jangan pilih warna kuning

Awas lampu isyarat kuning

Elak daripada kena deman kuning

Malaysia is one big circus and our "clowns" here have given stupidity a new meaning ! It's crazy how paranoid the ruling government has become by criminalising it tax-paying citizens' one wish for a clean and fair election system and to peacefully walk with that memorandum to present to the king.

Fearing the worst, the police force, a subservient and obedient lap-dog of the BN are getting jittery of anything "yellow" ! What is going on in our country ? We have been a laughing stork for a long time already but now anyone wearing yellow t-shirts, yellow shoes or driving a yellow car can be arrested for supporting the BERSIH rally scheduled without a permit for 9th. July ! Can you beat that for stupidity ? (read here )

In any first world country when a certain aggrieved group has any grouses against a certain party, the police will issue a permit and line the street leading to the point for the group wanting to present any memorandum to a representative of the party in question. Then everyone marches peacefully and hand-over the said memo and then they go home after fulfilling their agenda. That happens in a first world country.....opps I forgot we only have first world infrastructure and filled with third world morons !

Despite being elected into the United Nations Human Rights Council last year, the Malaysian ruling government is still behaving like a bunch of village idiots. What a shame and now the whole world knows how babaric our police force really are and we're nothing but simpletons and "juara kampungs" as far as laws go ! ( read here )

God help this country !

** I cannot seem to up-load any pics....anyone knows why ah ?? ( I think this one above ...seems appropriate... what do you say?)

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