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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Holy cow, can you believe the home minister?

vox populi small thumbnail'Hishammuddin has perfected the art of lying whilst in a stupor. What is happening certainly does not reflect what he says.'

'Yes, yes, yes', cops will act against Umno Youth

DannyLoHH: I hear the words. But I did not see the action. Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali who issued threats of violence and bloodshed still walks free. Umno Youth's Lokman Noor Adam and Arman Azha Abu Hanifah who had openly threatened to burn down PKR HQ office still walk free.

There is still yet any action taken to the perpetrator that sent SMS death threat to S Ambiga and the Bersih steering committee members. The names mentioned and person indicated here have all committed criminal offences, but the police allowed them to roam free on the street.

Yet people wearing Bersih T-shirt are being detained and arrested with dubious charges like waging war against the Agong, Printing Presses and Publications Act and Sedition Act.

Is the police telling the public that demanding free and fair elections is seditious, while issuing threat of violence, bloodshed and arson is not?

Anonymous: Umno had marched to PKR headquarters and threatened to burn it. It is clear now, who is a threat to peace and the nation. What will the Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and his police do to stop and prevent this menace from these gangsters?

Fairnessforall: So why haven't they been arrested yet. In fact they should have been arrested at the time of the demonstration. Hishammuddin, who are you trying to fool?

Louis: "I've already told (the police) to treat Pemuda (Umno Youth) the same. Nobody is above the law," said Hishammuddin.

Did you tell the police to do the same to Ibrahim Ali? By the same statements, it shows that all these while, the police have been receiving orders from Hishammuddin as who should be arrested and who should be given a peck on the cheek.

Alan Goh: Hussein Onn was a great and honest Umno leader who dares to charge former Selangor menteri besar and Umno Youth head Idris Harun for corruption.

For his courageous action, Hussein was challenged for the Umno president post, a plot by unscrupulous politicians, forcing him to take early retirement.

If only his son, Hishammuddin, has his father's qualities and courage to speak up of the massive corruption and abuse of power in Umno. Hishammuddin, no more 'yes, yes, yes' that the cops will act against Umno Youth. Just do it, like what your dad would have done.

Lim Chong Leong: How come this home minister sometimes says he cannot tell the police what to do when it comes to police's brutal action against candlelight vigils, Bersih and Pakatan Rakyat leaders, and now says he will tell the police to treat Umno Youth the same?

He is lying, isn't he?

Saya Dah Sedar: My goodness, Hishammuddin has perfected the art of lying whilst in a stupor. What is happening certainly does not reflect what he says.

Ibrahim Ali certainly is above the law. So is that trash newspaper,Utusan Malaysia. Even the staff in Utusan are apologetic when others know they are working there. Shame on you, Hishammuddin. What have you been smoking?

Hamisu: If the police need to be told by Hishammuddin that no one is above the law, can I deduce the police do not know how to do their job? That's insulting. And I am even more appalled to see how my tax money is being used to fund PDRM. Well, Hishammuddin really knows how to make PDRM look extremely incompetent.

YF: It's been more than 48 hours and still no action compared to the immediate action on non-Umno members. And the Umno folks were violent in nature with the police doing nothing. So why the double standards? Nobody wants a consistent liar for a minister.

Lbl: When the opposition holds a gathering, they are stopped before they can hold it. Umno Youths are allowed to hold the gathering. It is quite obvious they know they can get away with it.

Kee Thuan Chye: Will he really take real action against Umno Youth? We'll believe it when we see it.

CPO tells public to stay away from KL on July 9

Lonestar: The police are very good at reading the rakyat's thoughts. Even before an application for a rally is made, they are fully aware that it will lead to chaos and what better then to nip it in the bud before chaos takes place.

Just declare that a permit will never be provided and automatically the rally which has yet to occur becomes an illegal rally. So simple and so effective, as after having decided that the rally is illegal, the next step the police can take is to effectively round up all those Bersih people and their paraphernalia.

Some say the constitution allows for free assembly of the rakyat. But then again, who knows the constitution best if not the home minister and his police force. So if the police chief says the rally which has yet to take place is illegal, who is the rakyat to say otherwise.

Karma: How to stay away from KL when we stay in KL? Further, we also work in KL. CPO, Can I get your signature for this advice and show my boss so I can get a paid leave?

By the way, can I tell all my tourist friends also to stay away from KL and don't wear yellow shirt which says Bersih? What if they already booked a hotel in KL? Should they all move to PJ Hilton?

Anonymous_417c: Malaysia is getting into world headlines for all the wrong reasons. BN is scraping the bottom of the barrel to label the pro-rally rakyat as communists, spies and law-breakers. If only common sense can rule, it would be a very enjoyable July 9.

Docs: Just to let you know, KL acting police chief Amar Singh, I work, live, eat and shit in KL. Where the hell am I to go on July 9 then?

Tuah PJ: My parents live in Ipoh Road and I take the bus through Jalan Raja Laut/Bandaraya to go to their home every Sunday. My children come back every weekend from out of town. Are you telling me that I can't visit my aging parents on July 9 and my children can't see me on that day?

Swipenter: The police have no right to 'advise' us to stay away from KL on July 9. We have still have the freedom of movement, don't we? We still can 'walk around' together, with or without yellow shirts.

Pure Malaysian: Hooray! My boss cannot scold me for not coming to work on that Saturday. - Malaysiakini

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