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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


  1. During an international seminar today, a foreigner asked me a simple question? Why BN is so against BERSIH? It is a relevant question as one need to find the real reason of fear that is causing the government to go into panic mode. How panicky are they? Well from the daily media blitz and challenges by pro BN NGO’s, UMNO and police swoop, it is clear that they are extremely worried and panic.

  2. Is safety and security of the public a real concern? It would be a concern if the BERSIH walk is provoked, challenge by the authorities and continuously prime by the KOTOR groups. However this risk would be almost null if the police were to work independently of BN government and cooperate with the BERSIH organizers in ensuring that the event would be fiesta and probable are over within 3-4 hours. In fact after they march most of this marchers would go and “lepak” at the coffee shops and have food and drinks which would contribute to the economy. Taxis, LRT and Buses would be in great demand as everyone wants to go home.

  3. If safety and security concern is a non issue, why is BN hiding behind this excuses where they are doing media campaigns using various consumer and business groups and then get their youth wing and NGO’s to be the aggressor? For the obvious reasons, they are worried that such an event would have a political impact. Najib was right when he says that, PR needs a platform to reignite their popularity and they are using BERSIH. Therefore it is clear that BN is opposing because they are worried that all their political effort in the last 2 years would be neutralized or erased by this one big march.

  4. The objection is political and for that reasons, BN is using the government machineries to create the relevant propaganda, to intimidate BERSIH leaders and using the government controlled and UMNO controlled media to create a negative perception of the peaceful planned event. So desperate they have used the courts, religion and ethnic angle in protecting their turf.

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