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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watch what you wear in M'sia, the govt has gone bonkers!

Watch what you wear in M'sia, the govt has gone bonkers!

Nowadays, in this country dressing has become very important. Yellow is out, even though it’s the Royal colour. Even though you may be supportive of Royalty, you may also be accused of waging a war against the king. A yellow t-shirt with a Bersih emblem, is deemed dirty and it could get you arrested on the spot. Never ever try wearing it to a mosque. If you happen to wear anything yellow on the streets of KL, you get the uneasy feeling that the cops are eyeing you as they walk past by.

Wearing Red t-shirts with the word ‘Patriot’ is okay though, as you are supporting the Mat Rempit ruling regime. It also means that you may race the streets at midnight, with the police flagging you on - not to stop you but in support!

Green T-shirts may be misconstrued as a support for PAS, an Islamist party that has been deemed un-Islamic by the government for focusing on a welfare state, a concept that UMNO says it already practises. PAS has been warned not to copy UMNO’s welfare state which is more Islamic than PAS'.

Dark blue T-shirts are alright especially with a BN logo. Najib may even wave at you if you are walking by wearing one. Any cop that tries to arrest you for wearing such a T-shirt will be sacked by the government.

Black can also get you into a lot of trouble, as it is already been blacklisted by the Government some time ago, when there was a call by the opposition to wear black in a show of support for the deposed Pakatan Rakyat Perak state government.

T-Shirts of Che Guevara that are sold openly in the Night markets are suddenly termed seditious by the government, and wearing them now will be at your own peril. You may also be branded as a Communist sympathizer and remanded for 7 days. Actually, after all this years in Journalism, I thought I was knowledgeable about world affairs, but frankly I never knew that Che Guevara was a Communist leader!! I guess the cops are smarter than me after all.

Manchester United T- shirts are a no-no to Muslims as it means you are unwittingly worshipping the Devil. Thanks to the learned Mufti’s mantra. Oh, how I have sinned in the past, as I had a sizeable collection of Manchester United caps, mugs, lighters, glasses, sweat pants and even pullovers with the MU emblem. I still cannot bring myself to burn this collection, painstakingly collected during my years of travel.

Nowadays, T-shirts of Mao Tze Tung or Chin Peng can get you into a lot of trouble as the Police may detain you and charge you for having Communist tendencies and waging war against the Malaysian King.

Don’t even try to wear T-shirts with a rocket emblem, as our over-sensitive authorities will easily mistake it as support for the DAP.

Incredible dishonesty

The moral of the story is; our government has really gone overboard this time in their trigger-happy quest to quash the rally, by invoking ridiculous charges on Bersih participants. While a small group of people may buy the story, most Malaysians can see through the incredible dishonesty of the government to invoke such lame charges on the PSM participants.

Again, dragging the Royalty into their mixed-up mess which by now, it is quite obvious that they have no respect whatsoever for the Royalty. They try to convince the public that these 30 protesters who were on their way to Penang for a Bersih roadshow are intending to wage a war against the King. Accusing them of promoting Communism is another preposterous concoction. It is so, so lame. How could anyone in their right minds, come up with such an insane theory?

The Police have announced that a comprehensive investigation will be launched from all angles to determine whether these protesters are a threat to national security. Now being held in remand, heavily guarded with limited access to friends, relatives and legal counsels, their incarceration is similar to being treated like terrorists.

Daily interrogations to muster a confession or an affirmation to discontinue their illegal quest are undertaken to break the will of this group. It won’t be long now before they break. This group is being made an Example to all Malaysians to seriously reconsider participating in the Rally.

Finally, Malaysians are beginning to see the true colours of the Ruling Regime as they rear their ugly heads. No effort is spared to use the full force of the government machinery and to abuse the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature branches to stop what they term a silly march by silly people. Their vehement anti-Bersih stand is unbelievable, and they will stop at nothing to ensure that Malaysians will never stand united.

Forget the banana regime, SALAM BERSIH

The talk going on in UMNO circles is that vast sums of money are being dished out, to get rabble rousers to destabilize the country paving way for a massive roundup of activists and to implement emergency rule. Just imagine, if only a fraction was spent on our topscorers, on our schools, on the poor - what a difference it would make to those underprivileged who finally got a lucky break.

The latest controversy following the arrests of the PSM activists, are the red-shirted Mat Rempits numbering close to 600 motorcyclists that surrounded the PKR headquarters threatening to burn the building down. Conveniently, the police were too shocked to make an arrest, but had the audacity to encroach on the sanctity of Parliament to question the Opposition leaders concerning the Bersih march.

The police force, whose sole responsibility and independence is to protect the citizens, are now seen to be siding with the current regime, preferring to be subservient to the ruling elite than to enforce the law. They have abandoned the Rakyat to fend for themselves and are determined to support a banana regime.

What a shame. No one seems to be bothered about Right and Wrong anymore, and neither is anyone interested in Free and Fair Elections. They rather give blind support to a banana regime than to take the trouble to choose between Good and Evil. Am I right? Then prove me wrong, SALAM BERSIH!

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