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Saturday, December 8, 2012

'Ms Tow Truck' no longer Selayang BN coordinator

Selangor MCA Beliawanis chief Jessie Ooi is no longer Selayang BN coordinator after she was not reappointed when her post lapsed six months ago.

jessie ooi 05Ooi shot to fame and earned herself the 'Ms Tow Truck' moniker after her angry outburst at the public debate between MCA chief Dr Chua Soi Lek and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in February this year.

A teary-eyed Ooi told a press conference yesterday that she failed to enjoy wide support from party leaders and her position as Selayang BN coordinator was subsequently not extended by Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is BN chief.

The 33-year-old political novice is seen as MCA president Chua's preferred candidate to contest in Selayang parliamentary constituency which was captured by PKR at the 2008 general elections.

However, Selangor MCA chief and Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim is said to be eyeing the seat.
Selayang is currently held by PKR treasurer William Leong, who won the seat with a majority of 3,567 votes.
BN named a team of coordinators in constituencies controlled by Pakatan Rakyat after the last general election and provided them with generous allocations and resources to help wrest the seats back.

As such, these coordinators are generally seen as potential candidates in these seats.

Told to stop using BN coordinator's post 

According to Nanyang Siang Pau, Ooi said she was instructed by Selayang MCA division chief to stop using her title as BN coordinator after some party members complained that her tenure had ended on June 14.

"In fact, after my tenure ended, I did follow up the issue with party leaders and was told that the prime minister will not appoint a new coordinator as the election is just around the corner.

"I also received a letter from the federal government on Nov 11 inviting me to attend the coordinators meeting," she was quoted as saying, suggesting that she could continue to serve in the post.

However, given the opposition from within the party, Ooi said she decided not to use the coordinator's post when servicing the constituency, a task which she pledged to continue doing.

Ooi claimed she did not think the BN coordinator's post would automatically qualify her as a MCA candidate in the next polls, but after she became famous following the Chua-Lim public debate, some party leaders saw her as a threat.

jessie ooi walkabout 080311 4The heart-broken politician also said that she has given up her career in business and had neglected her family to fully focus on politics, and even spent up to RM15,000 monthly to hire an assistant and for other related expenses to carry out her task as BN coordinator over the past few years.

It is believe that many party leaders consider Ooi a liability when she went into a fit accusing the Penang local authorities for towing away cars late at night during question time in the first Chua-Lim debate.


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